Announcement two!

On Friday, I started a new job at Lowes and it seems like a great company to work for. I spent most of the day watching safety videos and the guy next to me fall asleep.

Friday was also my last day at Lowes.

Jess and I will be moving to Scottsville, Kentucky for the summer to be youth interns with the Church up there! Mitchell Covington called on Friday looking for someone to help out with the youth and we jumped all over it; it sounds perfect for us. We both love Mitchell and Gala and we are very excited to work with them!

Things will be a little crazy getting there, since we’ll be leaving from a wedding near Dallas (now we’ll have to bring luggage and a dog).

We’re asking for your prayers during this time both for the internship and our continued effort to raise support for SIBI in August.

I hope you all can share in our excitement of our plans, and we’ll keep you posted here during our 8-10 weeks in Kentucky.

We love you all!


Big News Coming Tomorrow!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog recently, so I figured I’d introduce a new blog with a big announcement! 

I’m not actually announcing it until tomorrow, but I probably should clarify now that it’s not a baby. You’re welcome to make guesses but, for now, no baby. 

That’s all for now, although I plan on using this blog to write about marriage, jobs, spiritual “musings,” and anything else important to us. 

Let’s be friends.