I’m not in Africa, anymore.

Well, I’ve been back for about 3 weeks.
It hasn’t been rough, only weird, until today. One of the reasons I left Africa was for this job at LCU working with their distance learning program. For the past couple of weeks it has been kind of unclear if I would actually be able to work here or not. I had a meeting on Tuesday that made me feel better and I got excited about working there and we figured out salary and work hours but today I heard back saying it wasn’t going to work out like we planned in the meeting.

I’ve sort of been discouraged through all of it, because now in order to work there I’d definitely have to go to school at LCU without any sort of tuition “benefit” and I would have to go full-time in order to qualify for any scholarships or financial aid.

So, in all of that today, I started to miss Africa a lot more than usual today. I miss the Jaffas, my team, my coordinators, Ibs, Nyasha, Sarah-Jane, Kuda and all of my family in PE.

I still have a lot to figure out; whether I’ll go ahead and go to school this semester or to just look for another job and wait it out until January.

Just please pray for me as I’m getting adjusted here.
I’m trying to trust God’s plan for me here and I know that He’ll take care of me.

Love you guys.