Sick Again…

There’s been something circulating around our house this past week.
No fun.

I’ve been out of commission for the past 3 days but I think I’m coming back into it.
*(I wrote that yesterday, but I’ve taken a turn for the worse and I’m not expected to sleep through the night. Pray for me, please.)

Last week, the kids at school invited us to their talent show on Monday. They kept going on and on about what they were going to do: singing, dancing, reading. I was really looking forward to going, even though we don’t usually go on Mondays.

Johnathan, Liz, and I went to school early and just hung around the campus until right after the first break (we waited for about 2 hours). Everyone got together in the middle courtyard and one of the older ladies got up and started preaching in Afrikaans. From what we could understand, it was a lesson on how God has a telephone using Jeremiah 33:3. I’m pretty sure she had some pretty good jokes, at least I hope so because I laughed at what she said.

After she got down, a little girl came up and read from “Die Bybel” somewhere and then a little boy and his teacher got up and danced to a couple of kids songs in Afrikaans.

All of that lasted about 10 minutes.

The principal got up and started talking about the school’s attendance problem and then chewed the kids out for their behavior at the assembly and dismissed everyone.
That was a bummer. Maybe they’ll reschedule.

This weekend I made pizza puffs for some college kids and they really liked them, which made me happy, and we made a new friend, Kuda, who is an albino black guy and he’s really cool.

Anyway, Love you guys.


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