I’ve been working on a video to show the class since they’ll be looking for fields and it’s weird to start thinking about maybe having another group working with us. Hopefully I’ll put the video on here soon, but it’s about 15 minutes.
Our presentation is on Thursday and I think it will go well.

The other day we were invited to hang out with one of the single guys at his house, “Winston.” He had some things he wanted to talk about and afterwards, he took us to a township in this really random spot in town. We didn’t know where we were going, but it was exciting.

Winston is really good friends with the head of the township, Cheesy, because they grew up together. Cheesy has a lot of respect for Winston and it was cool to see the way they acted together. Anyway, we got there and I was a little nervous to start off with. It was our first real time in a real township; the houses were made of cardboard and tin, mostly things they just find. We talked for a while and were invited to spend a couple of nights sometime in the future, which sounded interesting. We got bored and started playing with the little kids that had gathered to see what we were doing in their town.

I went and sat with some guys under a tree and it turned out they were smoking marijuana. Bad times. But I hung out with them and we talked a little. But mainly we just sat and watched people in the township.

I had been in really poor areas before in other countries, but this was different. Before, no matter how poor the people were, they were always the happiest people. It seemed like most of the people here were either drunk or high. I watched people throw things at cuss at each other. It just seemed like they were generally unhappy. Sure they were poor and had basically nothing, but they were missing something.

Answer for yourself.

Cheesy told us that we should come over anytime that we can because the people saw something in us. They had had people come before, but they just came to “preach” at them. They didn’t care about the people. Winston wants us to make that place our project on our own, like a learning experience. But I want him to do it with us for two reasons: I want him to learn, too, and I don’t want this to be dependent on us because we’ll be leaving and I want someone to be there who can keep something going.




3 thoughts on “Recruiting…

  1. I really enjoy your posts! You have a way of really bringing what you are experiencing to life.I really hope your team will work with the township you visited. They saw HOPE in you. They desparately need it but it won’t come easily for them. Just the fact that you would sit under the tree with the guys smoking marijuana is huge. You weren’t judging them, you were trying to meet them where they were. Jesus would have done the same. I am proud of you and will pray for your willingness to continually step out of your comfort zone. When these hurting people see how much you geniunely care about them they will want to know what you have and they will be ready to accept it.

  2. That’s what it’s all about, Loge. I’m glad you got to experience that, and while it all makes me a little nervous, I hope you guys get the opportunity to go back and reach out to the people there – to show them what they’re missing. But please be careful. I love you!

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