I usually hold off updating this thing until I have something to write about.
I thought I’d break that pattern tonight, meaning I don’t have anything meaningful to put on here.
(I should probably reword that last sentence.)

Anyway, last night I was watching a movie on my laptop in my room when Brittney came knocked on my door and asked me if I’d go down to the petrol station and buy some electricity.
I then realized that my laptop had been running off of battery and the power in the house was off. Ken had already walked down there I guess, because he was halfway there and he needed me to bring him the card with our electricity information on it.
It was useless to drive because the garage doors weren’t going to open, so I checked the bikes and both of the front tires were flat. So, mildly annoyed, I started to walk. The walk was good, I had time to unwind and watch a pretty cool thunderstorm over the ocean and under a full moon. It was dark, and everything anyone’s ever told me here is to not be alone at night. Good deal.
I meet up with Ken and he sends me with the card to the petrol station.
Change of plans; more walking.
On my way back from the petrol station I was just playing out all these terrible scenarios in my mind for fun and this scooter with two people on it catches my attention:
I was trying to keep an eye on traffic behind me, so I was aware of the scooter and when I turned around they made a sudden, seemingly unplanned turn onto another street and sped up really fast. I thought it was suspicious, but I kept playing out terrible scenarios involving other vehicles.
Anyway, I had plenty of time to ponder things while I walked by an empty field and when I got to the end of it, I heard the scooter again. I let them get pretty close before I turned to check on them, but when I did, their headlight was off and they were driving really slow.

Dramatical Aside: One thing that crosses cultures, I guess, is the throwing of food. Particularly eggs.

I could tell something was going to happen, so I was sort of ready for what happened: the kid on the back threw something at me, but with all of my yellow belt training I didn’t even react. I don’t think I flinched and I didn’t jump, which really confused the passenger. They sped up for a second and then slowed down. The passenger made some confused noises and then they sped off around the corner.
Only then did I feel my back to find it very wet with yolk.

Anyway, that was fun. Just thought I’d let you guys know.
Love you.


Rugby Champions…

I know most of you don’t follow rugby; I know I didn’t.
Since I’ve been here, I’ve discovered that it is one of the coolest sports ever and South Africa has a really good team- The Springboks. South Africa is a part of the Tri-Nations Cup with Australia and New Zealand. In the rugby world, these teams are the corn. But as a Tri-Nations Cup member, South Africa has only won the world cup back in 1994.
The Springboks made it to the finals against England and we had a big party on Saturday. The game itself was actually not that good. No one scored any Tries- “Touchdowns”- but the final score was 15 to 6 in our favor.
It was a neat experience to be in this country for their second world cup win. The recent surge of pride in this country was interesting. We went to the main shopping mall in town and EVERYONE was wearing a Springbok jersey.

Just for your information; I know most people don’t care about Rubgy. (By the way, I watched the USA play for about 10 minutes and had to turn it off. They lost to us really bad.)

Something Brandon posted about in his blog made me realize something that happened at a party on Father’s day. I mentioned it just a little in this post.
But basically this man came up to us while we were cooking our meat; he had drool all over him and he could barely stand. He was so drunk and mixed his sentences with Afrikaans, I couldn’t understand him but I could pick up enough to know that he was telling me that he is a horrible person.
The Christian man that we were with told us that he was just a street junkie and just kind of wrote him off, which looking back bothers me for various reasons.
He started confessing his sins to me and how he doesn’t like doing the church thing.

I could see no light in his eyes; he looked so hopeless.

All I remember telling him is that God loves him anyway and He wants a relationship with him in spite of all that.
I either think he didn’t understand me or he didn’t like my answer but either way he didn’t seem interested in what I had to say and he left.

Brandon mentions in his blog about running into a person who had no future with us in heaven. He was so deep in sin and a bad life that it seemed hopeless.

I have two thoughts; they’re not profound, but two thoughts that just jumped.

1. What would Jesus have said to these people? I believe Jesus could have changed these men’s life right there, instantly. I, dumb little me, said what little I could to just try to comfort him and get him on his way, I guess.

2. My opportunity is gone.
I believe that God gives us these glimpses into these people’s lives to remind us why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing. I don’t know much about this man or where he lives or anything and I had no clue what I could have even done, but I hope that our friend, who knows more, would want to share his life.

I hope I would want to.

Sick Again…

There’s been something circulating around our house this past week.
No fun.

I’ve been out of commission for the past 3 days but I think I’m coming back into it.
*(I wrote that yesterday, but I’ve taken a turn for the worse and I’m not expected to sleep through the night. Pray for me, please.)

Last week, the kids at school invited us to their talent show on Monday. They kept going on and on about what they were going to do: singing, dancing, reading. I was really looking forward to going, even though we don’t usually go on Mondays.

Johnathan, Liz, and I went to school early and just hung around the campus until right after the first break (we waited for about 2 hours). Everyone got together in the middle courtyard and one of the older ladies got up and started preaching in Afrikaans. From what we could understand, it was a lesson on how God has a telephone using Jeremiah 33:3. I’m pretty sure she had some pretty good jokes, at least I hope so because I laughed at what she said.

After she got down, a little girl came up and read from “Die Bybel” somewhere and then a little boy and his teacher got up and danced to a couple of kids songs in Afrikaans.

All of that lasted about 10 minutes.

The principal got up and started talking about the school’s attendance problem and then chewed the kids out for their behavior at the assembly and dismissed everyone.
That was a bummer. Maybe they’ll reschedule.

This weekend I made pizza puffs for some college kids and they really liked them, which made me happy, and we made a new friend, Kuda, who is an albino black guy and he’s really cool.

Anyway, Love you guys.


I’ve been working on a video to show the class since they’ll be looking for fields and it’s weird to start thinking about maybe having another group working with us. Hopefully I’ll put the video on here soon, but it’s about 15 minutes.
Our presentation is on Thursday and I think it will go well.

The other day we were invited to hang out with one of the single guys at his house, “Winston.” He had some things he wanted to talk about and afterwards, he took us to a township in this really random spot in town. We didn’t know where we were going, but it was exciting.

Winston is really good friends with the head of the township, Cheesy, because they grew up together. Cheesy has a lot of respect for Winston and it was cool to see the way they acted together. Anyway, we got there and I was a little nervous to start off with. It was our first real time in a real township; the houses were made of cardboard and tin, mostly things they just find. We talked for a while and were invited to spend a couple of nights sometime in the future, which sounded interesting. We got bored and started playing with the little kids that had gathered to see what we were doing in their town.

I went and sat with some guys under a tree and it turned out they were smoking marijuana. Bad times. But I hung out with them and we talked a little. But mainly we just sat and watched people in the township.

I had been in really poor areas before in other countries, but this was different. Before, no matter how poor the people were, they were always the happiest people. It seemed like most of the people here were either drunk or high. I watched people throw things at cuss at each other. It just seemed like they were generally unhappy. Sure they were poor and had basically nothing, but they were missing something.

Answer for yourself.

Cheesy told us that we should come over anytime that we can because the people saw something in us. They had had people come before, but they just came to “preach” at them. They didn’t care about the people. Winston wants us to make that place our project on our own, like a learning experience. But I want him to do it with us for two reasons: I want him to learn, too, and I don’t want this to be dependent on us because we’ll be leaving and I want someone to be there who can keep something going.