I feel like the past couple of weeks have been pretty slow here. We were starting to go to a high school near the church, but they’re taking exams. Johnathan and I are starting to get sick, so that also has something to do with it, I guess.
We had a “second wedding” in our back yard last week. The couple had asked Judy if they could and she couldn’t say no. It was interesting; I was in charge of taking pictures and we served food and waited on people. We got all dressed up and we used fancy silverware and glasses which made everyone feel “fancy.” We snuck out at sunset to go to the beach to take pictures and I think they turned out really nice.
Afterwards, I ended up taking some individual pictures on request and then was bombarded with “I want a copy of that”‘s. So I guess I might be accidentally starting photography business.

On Monday, an overloaded taxi (26 people) was involved in a really bad wreck on the road to our school. The driver was speeding, lost control and flipped his taxi killing 6 kids that he was driving to school. Every day since, there have been groups that have prayer meetings where it happens and tomorrow they’re having a memorial service there. It’s been cool to see the community’s reaction to this. The overloaded, speeding taxi’s a real problem here and the community is fed up with it. The police usually don’t do anything about it, but they’ve started cracking down due to some protests caused by this accident. It’s been cool to drive by people gathered around in circles praying for these families and for the taxi drivers.

Anyway, keep them and us in your prayers.
Love you guys.


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