"Police Please Protect Our School…"

We went to school today and found out that someone had broken into one of the second grade classrooms and made off with a computer and some random things. The principal told us that they were going to focus the attention on promoting the school, instead of just trying to find the people. So each class made a poster to hang on the fence with messages about their education and community. We were just sent out to help the classes with their posters. They really didn’t need us, so we shuffled around and eventually came up on the room where the “burglary” happened. While the kids were competing to design a poster for their class, we helped the teacher put the classroom back together and organize all of her books. It was cool to see the pride that they had in their school and their respect for their community. 2 of the kids from that classroom knew who it was and told the police when they came. Tomorrow the parents are getting together and discussing this problem to the community leaders to stop this problem.
Tomorrow is my birthday, so we might be doing something fun.
Keep praying for us, love ya.


3 thoughts on “"Police Please Protect Our School…"

  1. Hey Logan, Happy Birthday!!! I wish I were there to give you a hug. I’m really proud of you. Sounds like you guys are getting all kinds of experiences there. I can only imagine the people loving it that you are there to help them. Keep up the good work. Hope your Birthday is a good one!!! At least it is your first one in Africa. Have an appletizer for me. Love you,Dad

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