Sunset Video Part 2

I heard that the video from the previous post was shown at Sunset and it went over really well. If you are here because of the video, I heard there were some questions: Yes, I took those pictures, and you can see them on the right side of the page under “My pictures.” Lately, we’ve had an off period work-wise. We’ve finished up the first part of our current projects. I’ve taken 840 pictures of kids that I now have to “organise” and put into yearbook-form soon. Today, we had an area sing-along which was cool. I led singing this morning for worship and that was refreshing because I tried liven everyone up and I think it worked.
On my way to church this morning, I went to pick up Peter (which is actually 20 minutes past the church) to find that he was still asleep and he would be coming next week. I was a little sad. He really likes hanging out with us, he just wants to get out of his neighborhood.
By the way, we drive through his “neighbourhood” at least 8 times a week and one of the members from our church was hijacked a couple of weeks ago there. They blocked the road and pulled him out of his car. For some reason, the car died and wouldn’t start, so they left the car and didn’t beat him up. All they took was his cell phone because he forgot his wallet. As soon as they were gone, his car started.
It was just a reminder of how careful we have to be.
So, pray for us, please.
Love you guys


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