Been a while…

So, a couple of things have happened.
On Monday (1 week ago), we were invited to come speak at a high school here, so we went to it and Johnathan gave an introduction to the bible for the school. That was a pretty neat experience. Afterwards we went into the library and they sent classes to us and we got to know some of the kids. It was a lot of fun, but it was a very interesting experience. I was talking to this one kid and he looked me in the face and said “Look at this, I’m going to kill someone” and he pulled a knife out of his sleeve. I didn’t really know what to do; i thought he was just trying to see what I would do so I just told him I didn’t want to see that. After class he told Johnathan that he had a bong and a gun in his bag and that he was going to shoot his “enemies” and while we were walking away, he started yelling “life of death, life or death?” And then someone set the fire hose box on fire and there was a thick black cloud of smoke that filled up the courtyard outside our classroom. It was interesting.
We’ll be going back once a week.
Then yesterday we had an open-air worship service in the part of town where we do the soup kitchen. We sang and had a lesson in Afrikaans, which sounds like German. The lesson sounded like Nazi propaganda over the loudspeaker.


2 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. Logan! I wanted to let you know I’m reading this now! Keep updating when you can, I understand that you probably have next to no time, but I’ve enjoyed reading about the work there! God Bless you in your work, Sarah Mac

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