Women’s Day

In preparation for Thursday, Women’s day, one of the local schools that we’re connected with through the church had an assembly and they wanted us to do a “presentation” for the kids. We had no idea what to do or how to do it. So we sort of decided to make a video for the kids. Once we got there, we set up and got everything ready, introduced ourselves and showed the video. It was a complete failure. The lady in charge actually made us stop it early. There were two problems with our presentation: most of the kids didn’t speak English, and the concept of the video went way over their heads.
So that wasn’t cool.

I vowed right then and there that I would never have kids.

Anyway, all the schools didn’t have school Thursday and Friday, so we’ve been off, too.
We have some of the youth hanging at our house pretty much all the time, now, so that’s cool. Yesterday, we had 4 at the same time, but usually it’s different kids off and on at different times.
Sometimes it’s inconvenient, but I’m here for them so I have to get over myself.

Ken and Judy are out of the house for the weekend, so that’s a nice little change.

Love you guys.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Day

  1. Logan, glad to hear that you are doing well. Hey don’t rule out having kids to quick – they aren’t that bad. In fact they are pretty great. I am proud of you. Toni

  2. Ahh kids. Always fun times, and by fun times, I mean have-to-simplify-things-to-a-degree-that-is-less-than-entertaining. I loved your Brownbag by the way. It was brilliant. Talk to you on Skype soon I hopes!

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