People are empty fields, too.

Today, after school, Joey and I went out to take Peter, one of the volunteers, out to run errands. We were talking and he started talking about his situation at home: he is living with his mom in government housing in a township near the school, he has no brothers or sisters to help him take care of his mother, he has a little daughter named Angel, and he’s unemployed. The house they live in was free, but he has to buy electricity and water on top of buying food. He’s trying to start a photography business, but by “American” standards, his attempt would be considered a joke. He started talking about how it’s only important for his mom to eat, she’s diabetic and he wants her to have food. He said he regularly goes three days without food and if he ever gets money, it goes to bread right away. While we were picking up some pictures I had helped him print, we got him a couple of things for him and his mom to stock in their pantry. He was so grateful, he invited us straight back to his house and he cooked us eggs and tomatoes. He apologized because he didn’t have any silverware, but we told him we were more than fine using our hands. He really opened up to us and got really comfortable with us being around. I’m excited for him because he really wants to come worship with us (I couldn’t really get him to tell me what me believed other than he knows that Jesus died for us) because he doesn’t attend church anymore.
Anyway, I realized that I get caught up a lot in my convenience and it was really good to get into the townships, finally. We saw mounds of trash with kids searching through trying to find whatever they could and children begging for anything that we could give.
And then I hear Peter talking about being humble.
And how God is good to his people.
Most people could easily say, “How can you say that, look at your position!”
But one thing I noticed in that community, is to them, there’s always someone that’s worse off than they are.
But God is good.

Another thing about South Africa is there’s always something on fire.
We were driving to school yesterday, and that field from the last post was starting to catch on fire. Not too much of it was burnt.
They found the two kids. Nobody called the school to tell them they were going to be gone.
One of our friends in the youth group was stabbed in the chest out by where we do the soup kitchen. He’s ok.
I’m not sick anymore.

Thanks for the comment-love.
Leave some more.
Thanks for the prayers.
Say some more.
Love you.


3 thoughts on “People are empty fields, too.

  1. I love reading your thoughts – thanks for sharing. You are going to have lots more conversations like that – and opportunities to teach through just everyday things. I’m looking forward to hearing more. You guys don’t go anywhere by yourselves do you? These mentioning of stabbings makes me a little nervous. I love you!

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