Sapphire Primary School

On Tuesday, we finally got to get into the main school that we’ll be working with–as the title gives away, Sapphire Primary School. It’s a really neat school; the Principle just got back from Canada because he received an international award for the way his school does things.
The school itself is in between 3 or 4 townships, the really poor parts of towns with shacks and dirt roads, but it’s in good shape because they take really good care of it.
Bruce, the Principle, begs and borrows for everything from Computers (donated from Germany) to whole bus shells that we’ll convert into a place for the kids to play. I’m looking forward to gutting it and painting it and making into a cool place for the kids to play.
Bruce is the kind of guy that will try anything, even if it seems possible. So, right away he was asking us what our talents are and, as a result, Liz is going to start a music class; Johnathan will teach an art class with Brittney’s help; and I will be helping teach the kids how to use computers, I’m going to take pictures and video for the school and work with Lindsay to teach the kids how to make yearbooks and I’ll be making some promotional videos for Bruce so he can raise funds and stuff.
The others have split up to go to the other school we visited earlier.
We’re going to use this school as a base to spread out and get our curriculum to other schools in our province.

Ok, so, I don’t know if you’ve ever been around kids, en masse, who don’t see camera’s very often (or kids in general), but as soon as you get out a camera, they go crazy. I snuck off from the group to take pictures by myself and get to hang out with the kids and when I took the first picture I broke any kind of barrier that there could be between (in their eyes) a rich white person from America and a horde of little black children. In my first picture of that day, there’s about ten kids, and it’s a fairly candid picture. In my second picture: not candid, add 5 kids. Third picture: it’s over. I took about 25 pictures as I retreated from my first position back to the door where it was safe and in each picture there’s probably 5 more kids than the picture before. I don’t know where they were coming from, but they kept coming and posing and pushing and yelling.
By the way, the school has about 1,400 kids between 1st and 6th grade in two buildings.

I’ll be going to this school 5 days a week for now, until we start going to other schools, but I’ve been sick this week, so I’ve only been once.

This is my favorite picture from the day. This little girl kept asking for 1 more picture and I kind of had to ignore her request half the time, because everyone was asking for “one more picture,” so she started hugging me, which might have been because everyone was pushing up against her and I was up against a chain length fence and couldn’t move. So I took a picture. I’m gonna hang it up on my wall. It’s a good’n.

The rest of the pictures are in “My Pictures” on the right side of the page.

Anyway, Please comment and then pray for us.
Or vice versa.
Love you guys.


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