South African Schools

There’s an older lady here from America here that is working with cancer patients and with schools in Port Elizabeth with her grandson who is about to start medical school so he can come work down here. She was on the beach praying for an army to come and help her as our coordinator’s wife, Judy, was walking her direction.
Judy met this lady and found out about what she’s doing here and invited them to dinner. They came to our house on Thursday night and we arranged for all of us to go to the school she’s been working with on Friday.

We got there and were greeted by the kids and they started dancing. There was one girl who couldn’t have been more than 3 years old who was dancing in the center of the group. She was so cute, so I started taking pictures of her.
At first, I was hesitant to get my camera out, because I’d been in this situation before. I knew if I got it out, I’d have to take pictures for them and show them the pictures right away. I wanted to take my own pictures as freely as I wanted.
But then I thought, “that’s a jerk of you!” So I got my camera out and started the whole time-consuming process.

Before we left, we handed out blankets to all the kids because they come from a “squatter-camp” outside of a really nice beach front town called Seaview. I’ll eventually have pictures of a squatter-camp, but they are basically whole towns built out of sheet metal and cardboard.
The kids were so glad to get the dog blankets that we were handing out to them because, even thought it’s Africa, people do freeze to death here. Winter has just started here, and almost all of the houses in the country (ours included) do not have heaters.
As we were pulling away, they still wanted me to take pictures, even as I was trying to close the car door, but we told them we were coming back and they let us go.
It was a cool experience and I can’t wait to go back in the future.
Ok, leave a comment and the rest of the pictures from the school are in “my pictures” on the right side of the page.
Love ya.


5 thoughts on “South African Schools

  1. Hi Logan,I was just looking at Lindsay’s blog and decided to read yours,too. How interesting to see the children at the school. It must be exciting to be able to help those who have so little. I’m sure it’s greatly appreciated!My prayers are for you and all your team.Lovingly, Mimi(Lindsay’s grandma)

  2. Very cool, Logan. Every time I use my camera here I wish I had yours, but then I remember how big it is. :o) That seems like an awesome opportunity and I hope you guys are able to make a big impact there.

  3. This is Awesome – I am so excited for the people you are impacting there and the way you and your team are growing from these experiences. Thank you for posting these updates, it makes me feel a little more in touch with you guys. Love you,-Amber

  4. Hey, Logan! I love reading your blog – keep it up! You have a gift with that camera stuff so keep the pics coming too! I love you! Mom

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