This week…

Father’s Day was a different experience for me this year. Mainly because my father wasn’t here. But also because for Sunday lunch we went to what they call a “Braai,” which is basically a barbeque. As we were cooking the mutton, a “drunkie” came to me and started confessing his sins to me.
The people here go all out for their braais; for lunch, we had mutton, various salads, lamb kabobs, chicken kabobs, chicken legs, boerwors (which means farmers’ sausage; it’s good), and ostrich neck stew. The latter was not my favorite. It was cooked in a pot filled with vegetables and a gravy with chopped up parts of ostrich neck. It was different for me to pull out a lump of meat, and to recognize the neck bone, spinal cord, and a sliver of meat around it. It was a lot of work to get the meat and not the bone. If you’ve seen an ostrich, you know their necks aren’t the meatiest part of their bodies. We washed all that down with some ice cream and Pepsi.

After lunch, we honored the dads in the group. Their kids presented them with gifts and showed them how much they have meant to them. It was pretty cool.

Tonight, we went to a cottage meeting (small group) for the first time and that was a cool experience. They didn’t know that there were going to be extra people there tonight, so we kind of surprised them because there wasn’t enough room for us all. I had to sit on a table. We talked about loving other people. They’re just now getting hooked up with World Bible School tracts that they’ve been handing out, so they handed out more of those tonight.

The ladies that are in charge of taking us to the soup kitchen were there and we found out that we’re going to go to the hospital tomorrow. This may be pretty interesting because the whole country has been in a huge strike for three weeks. The public service people are holding out for more money. This includes teachers, police, and people like garbage collectors. Schools have been closed for about 2 weeks and some hospitals are closing now. We tried to go to the hospital before to help out, but they told us it would be too dangerous. So we’ll see what happens.

Also, please keep our team in your prayers because it’s my turn to help cooking this week.

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Love you guys.


5 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Logan, Thanks for all of the fantastic pictures. It really helps us in the states to see the people y’all are working with and also the area. Really like the pictures of Lindsay. Keep them coming.Thanks again, Nancy(Lindsay’s mom)

  2. Hey Logan, I am so glad that you started a blog – and it looks great! Make sure to keep it up. I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for adding me as your Picas friend (or whatever that is exactly). Say hi to your teammates for us please and I look forward to your next post. (Oh, by the way, your subscribe is is not to put in an e-mail, it is only if you have a feed reader.)

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