well, here’s my team.
Carolyne Hall, Trevor Liles, Liz Hargrove, Jonathan Ledbetter, Brittney Nunn, me, Lindsay White



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  1. Hey, I like your commentaries about the Jehovah Witnesses. They used to be called the International Bible Students. Surprisingly, the 144,000 people we’re talking about were mentioned twice in the bible. Whether it is a human error or not when it was written, I do not know. One of them accounts for Jesus saying that 144,000 would be taken for administrative purposes. Ask a Jehovah to point out where it is in the bible for you, b/c I am not one. Jehovahs think the end is coming near, the First resurrections had begun and they mentioned something about 1914. Will learn more about this next week. Keep asking those questions of yours. They are good questions!

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