Wow, i’m sorry
i sort of killed xanga.
oh, well.
if you read it…

so AIM… pretty much the coolest.
this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time.

i like almost everyone here (i’m working on a couple of people)
it’s pretty much what i expected, which is good
i haven’t been surprised yet, but i expect to
if that makes sense

i’m sorry if it’s going to hurt your feelings (i don’t know why it would), but i’m not going to post too much more.
i have no drive…
i’m not going to shut it off, though
so anyway,

i love you



One thought on “

  1. hey! it’s okay if u don’t post alot. no one in AIM really does. at least not the xanga sites i go to. well, i’ll ttyl bye. glad AIM is awesome!! which of course it is u’re learning about God and how to serve Him better honestly wat could  better besides putting to work wat u’ve learned and learining more? well, ttyl bye.

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