Wow, i’m sorry
i sort of killed xanga.
oh, well.
if you read it…

so AIM… pretty much the coolest.
this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time.

i like almost everyone here (i’m working on a couple of people)
it’s pretty much what i expected, which is good
i haven’t been surprised yet, but i expect to
if that makes sense

i’m sorry if it’s going to hurt your feelings (i don’t know why it would), but i’m not going to post too much more.
i have no drive…
i’m not going to shut it off, though
so anyway,

i love you



why, hello everyone.

i just thought i’d let you know i wasn’t dead…

in fact, i just celebrated my 19th birthday…

so, now i’m a big boy.

aim is going great.

i’m liking it a lot.

today is our first day off.

it’s going to be relaxing, although i’m going to a memorial in 30 min.

one of my friends killed himself on sunday.


i’m sorry i haven’t commented and such.

you know, maybe later.

or something.

besides that, not much is going on.


mountainview on tuesday.


good times.


love ya