been a while.


nothing going on here.

a week till aim.

made a video with the rat pack, which i’m not going to put on here.

but here is the first 3 minutes of the leon video.

oh well.

i don’t feel like writing much.

hey, maybe next time i post, i’ll be an aimer.




6 thoughts on “

  1. Well, maybe, just maybe, we’ll get that suntan lotion video done. But we only got a week, and you’re gonna be moving out of your house and into an apartment. So, if it doesnt get done, its alright. Well, talk to you later.

  2. I think I’ll update one more time before I am an AIMer… for my family to know what is going on and to show some pictures. It seems this last week is going by so slowly…. maybe it is just being out here in the country makes life seem slower. I am glad we got to spend awhile with the Horn’s, it’s been good for us. I am just stoked about next week! I’ll see you then ^_^

  3. I’m really going to miss you. Even though we didn’t do much, the house will be empty now. I love you and if you need anything… I’m less than a mile away 🙂
    Love you,
    ~*Amy Jo*~

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