17 days until AIM.

i used to think that AIMers were SO mature and smart…

they get dumber every year. no offense to any specific previous AIMer, but you know what i mean. they’re not perfect people that know everything about the bible.

it’s wierd.

two weeks.

i’m not nervous or anxious. i feel fine. it’s just wierd to think about it.

i’ve always been Kris Smith’s son who just hangs out with the AIMers.

it’s going to be wierd when i start packing, though. i’ll probably freak out more before i move to the field because i’m only moving across a golf course and i’ll come back to my house a lot to do laundry, so, no biggie.

anyway, i got to see two of the AIM teams in mexico this last week and it was wierd to think that this time last year, Josh Tracy was going on the same trip to Mexico with our youth group and now he’s living there and doing awesome things.

my favorite part of the trip was sitting in Mexican church, which i’ve of done plenty of times, and i thought about all of the other AIM teams that had church all around the world that day in whatever language.

and i thought, hopefully this time next year, i’ll be somewhere going to church, maybe in a different language, doing anything possible to glorify God.

i even got excited thinking about all the hard things i’d have to deal with: language barriers, cultural differences, culinary oddities, team problems, culture shock…

diarrhea, whatever.

it’s worth it.

being in my comfort zone isn’t that important.

all that’s important is that people need to know Christ.

they need to know the Gospel…

God’s love.


we drove by a small town on our way back from Mexico.
couldn’t have had more than a hundred people, but it was in the middle of nowhere.
they probably haven’t seen a real “outsider” for a while, if ever.
it just seemed like they’d never have contact with the outside world.

i was staying up with Amanda. we were just talking because everyone was asleep and she didn’t want to sleep until after we got to the border.

but we passed this town and i started to wonder how hard it would be to show the REAL TRUTH to the whole town.

“who is gonna tell the child about Jesus?”- Acappella
“…it’s my responsibility”


i don’t remember where i was going with that, it just made me get really excited about AIM.

ok, i’m going to sleep.



9 thoughts on “

  1. im excited, but im scared. it just feels like we arent “big” enough to be AIMers, you know?
    im not sure if that makes sense, anyways, i thiink you spelt “weird” wrong.

  2. dude, I’ve had diarrhea more times in the last 14 months than the 19 years previous to that time, I’m sure of it.  You know what though, it was totally awesome.  I even miss the lava poos now, because lava poos mean Thailand, and Thailand means totally awesome.  Soodyod taangmode is how the Thais’d say it.  See you in a short amount of time dubra.

  3. Hey man I really appreciate what you said. You guys are going to love AIM. It is going to be a rollercoaster ride, but you will love it. Allow God to mold you into who HE wants you to be and not who you want to be. Be humble in all circumstances and see how God blesses your life. I can’t wait to hear how you are doing when it all starts up. I will talk to you later. Lean on God. He is the rock that keeps this life steady. Love ya bro, I will talk to you later.A Slave of Jesus Christ,Josh

  4. Dude I totally know the feeling. I have grown up with AIMers around (Hart being an area church) its so weird to think that I’m about to join the league of “supers.” You know?! Well dude I got your comment about the rooms and it makes me no never mind and I’m sure John cares not so I guess we can flip a coin or somthing if it doesn’t matter to you guys. By the way do you think its ok to bring my swords? I know that there aren’t suppose to be guns and knifes etc, etc. but they never said anything about swords. Me and John both have a few we’d like to mount in our room. Just checking, thought you might know. Well see you later man. -Michael

  5. if you do read this logan, i just thought id let you know i got another xanga. mainly cuz its 3 am and im bored…and cuz brady brought up some depressing stuff…well, any way. talk to you later

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