well, i’m watching Footloose.

this movie’s amazing! you know why?

1. 80’s music.
2. intra-cultural misunderstanding.
3. the story- dancing is illegal?! wow, that’s creative!
4. drugs.
5. abusive relationships.
6. rebelious teenagers.
7. “the robot”
8. the consequential 3-way dance-off following “the robot.”
9. the actors- Kevin Bacon and the bad guy from Beethoven’s 2nd.
10. my personal favorite- tractor chicken.

isn’t sarcasm amazing?

that’s what this movie is.

how did this movie become a classic?
who decides what a classic is?
tell me one good thing about this movie.


our senior trip was really fun.
Donovan got on the Price is Right, although he never made it past contestant’s row.
he did get a consolation prize- a lamp.

it airs September 29th.
and we did some other fun stuff.

i leave for mexico tomorrow.
it’s going to be amazing!
get to play with my shiny new camera.

my computer crashed hardcore…
don’t know why.
so now it’s in about 20 pieces all over my living room.

i think my dad’s going to send it in while i’m in mexico.
i still have to do some video’s before AIM.

i got a call from some people who might support me.
but i was asleep.
no good.
they said they’d call back.

but it’s ok…
we’re good friends.

so, to all of you who still read these,

you’re wasting your time.
get away from the computer and go play with your dog.

or cat.


just kidding.
i’m very important and deserve all of your attention.

well, that sounded stupid.
but not stupid enough for me to delete.

it’s very late, and i’m very tired…
if you couldn’t tell.

this is logan’s tired phase.
just rambling.
if you’ve made it this far, i’m very impressed.

go to sleep


6 thoughts on “

  1. Hey man it sounded like you were really tired! Can understand that. Dude that was pretty cool what with teaching Camp Adventure right next to each other and all. Well only a couple more weeks and were in. Then the fun begins. Well I had better let you go. I really hope you get those people to support you. Chow- Michael

  2. Well I made it that far. How do you like me now? And you know what I am not going to go to sleep. So, yeah! Anyway, that was totally a retarded thing to put, but goolay (or however you spell that). Hey man, I can’t wait to see all of you guys tomorrow. It is going to rock. I will talk to you tomorrow. I hope that you are getting pumped for AIM. It is going to rock your face off. I will talk to you later.Josh

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