hello, again.
so how is everyone?
i ask this question sometimes, and no one answers.
i’m not just asking to be nice, you know.
i really am interested.

well, i am excellent.
got a nice phone call this morning.
my camera’s coming in on friday (that wasn’t the phone call)
and 3 really cool shirts.

saturday is our senior trip to L.A.
price is right.
other stuff…you know.

i hate southern california.

i wrote 11 support letters today.
i feel bad because it’s very late notice to spring this on anyone.
but i think i’ll be able to raise enough.
i just need 250 monthly.

and all of my one-time.

if anyone wants to support me…
just kidding.

but seriously.


i went on a camping, fishing, hunting, shooting random stuff trip this weekend.
got to drive a suped up 4X4 around the wilderness for a couple of hours.
that was the most fun i’ve had in a while.
matt blew the side of a jackrabbit off with his rifle, it was quite amazing.
we were trying to figure out how it happened.
it didn’t die.
we had to put it out of its misery.
we also shot various small animals.
(we were looking for wild boar)
no luck in that area.

and i got hit with my rifle scope on the recoil.

right in the eye.

i started bleeding.

and then my ears started bleeding when i heard this song.
listen to all of it.
who knew ethel merman came out with a disco album?
who know ethel merman?



9 thoughts on “

  1. hey. im good. im glad your good.
    so did you end up donating money? or did you yell and hang up. that article was good, thanks
    im really sad i cant go on the senior trip:(  i leave you responsible for taking good pictures and/or video, ok?
    bye booger

  2. i’m doin fine…
    now that you pointed out that now one responds to the question “how are you” every one is…its funny. start counting them…see how high u get. lol
    but….best of luck w/ the aim support.
    and see ya soon i guess.

  3. Well, as usual your post cracked me up. I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer, and it’s fun.
    Yeah, so…AIM. That’s gonna be fun. Good luck. I know you’ll be able to do some amazing work and accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom.
    So I guess I’ll see you around. Sweet.

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