why, hello

well, it’s been a while.

but who cares?

so how is everyone?

want a soda?

vacation was good. amy has pictures. i had fun with katie. hopefully i’ll get to order my camera today, if these women don’t slack off. i want the money. that’s what i want.

i’ll get around to commenting on everyone’s site. i don’t feel like it now.

i thought i was pretty lazy during the school year, nope.

summer makes it worse.

i hate summer. (actually that’s not true, it’s a bittersweet relationship)

i hate not doing anything.

i bought a massage chair

and 11 movies this week.

i’m turning into josh tracy. sorry josh, it’s true…everytime i go to the store now, i buy a movie.

good movies though.

and now i got another gift card, so i’ll go over to best buy and buy a movie.

that’s how it works.

well this is stupid, so i’ll go.




8 thoughts on “

  1. ive got the movie disease too. i think im going to blame it on giftcards. they make me want a movie, and erase any other good purchase i could make.

  2. …Your silly…
    We should talk soon, I miss talking to you…I always say that and never call? I dunno why…I should call more often, sorry, i’m a bum like that. love ya Gan and enjoy your summer.

  3. You really have to stop using your sisters name to leave people comments of a harrassing nature, you’re going to slander her good name and reputation.
    You on the other hand have no reputation or good name to slander, so it’s okay to be harrassing on your own time.
    Indeed, I am a hippie, jealous?

  4. It has been so long since I heard this song. Hahah ! That just made my day. Anyway, I agree with you on the nothing to do thing. I hate feeling that way, makes me feel yucky. Tell us when you get your camera.
    I got to see Melissa, Sabrina, and Janae… I felt special. They are great ladies and it was such a joy to see them. I also got to see Jessie and Tim Brumfield. Jessie is so cool! We’ve had so much fun with him and Brian King (who we found out was our cousin) All these people made me excited about Lubbock and AIM… yay! I remember listening last year to all the ’05 AIMers talking about how close AIM was and being jealous. I am so exciting it is our turn now. Love ya Logan

  5. I thought I had cancer once to. Luckily it was just a group of cells that reproduced  uncontrollably. Phew that was a close one. lol. Have a good day. You need to stay at my house when you come to Paducah. My mom likes to make waffles. lol.
                            <><   Darin   ><>

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