well, i went to the doctor yesterday thinking i had cancer.
i had had this lump for a couple of years and i was too embarrassed to tell anyone-STUPID! i used to make up excuses and tell myself it wasn’t cancer. it’s wierd to be 16, 17, thinking you’re going to die. i had accepted it. (i kept all of this a secret.)
so anyway, with my cousing having cancer, i told my dad.
we went to the doctor yesterday. (creepiest doctor i’ve ever seen)
did some awkward stuff…
no cancer.
just a harmless lump.

the details of this story were censored for your comfort. call me if you wanna know more. it’s actually a funny story.

well, this is a surprise to all of you except for a couple of people i’ve told the last couple of days.

i keep secrets well.

anyway, that’s a relief because the only thing i was worried about was not being able to go to AIM.

love you guys.



6 thoughts on “

  1. logan, how could you keep that a secret!?! ugh, you are sometimes tooo good at keeping secrets. you seriously accecpted the fact you were going to die? logan. you silly duck
    love you

  2. hey! i’m glad u don’t have cancer. that’s a good thing. i prolly would’ve kept it a secret too until i got completely freaked out about it. well, i’ll ttyl bye.

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