well, nothing much going on, as usual.

trying to get paid and such.

i finally finished all of my thank you notes. but cards are still coming.

it rained today. finally.

czech beat u.s. in soccer. not that i watch soccer, but i like the czech republic.

it’s like slovakia’s richer brother, nice place. not as cool as kosice, though.

so, how are things.

wow, i really don’t have anything to say.

everyone’s switching to myspace.

sorry for all the stragglers.

but, have a nice week.






5 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmm… you may be on to something there. The bomb thing maybe a good idea. There is one difficulty that lies in the way. There is no plot. Therefore, a “plot twist” could not exist. You seem know a bit about filming as well. What are these “looser films” you speak of? Btw, we do have a video that has different camera views and things like that (we aren’t just standing in front of the camera in this one). It’s called “Doughnut DJ Gets Glasses“.

  2. I think I will have a nice week, thank you ^_^ Yeah, I’m a straggler… I won’t convert. Too many people without xangas read mine, I can’t abandon it. I actually need to update it more often… I have enough trouble keeping up with one… much less myspace and xanga. Oh well, it’s good to know you are well and alive.
    Love ya, bro! See you soon !

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