i guess it’s about time

i’ve been chillin out at lcu.

getting free camp and all.

it’s not legal, but hey.

i am on a wierd sleep schedule though. the other night i was tired so i went to sleep around 10, and woke up at 3:30. i was so annoyed. it’s not 4:20 and i can’t sleep. i have 4 hours until i have to be at class.

that’s poopy.

nothing else to write about.



5 thoughts on “

  1. Free Camp? Let me in on it! Sounds like you are having a ruff go at it though. I hate losin sleep and I hate being tired… maybe thats why I’m so grumpy when people cause me to lose sleep. .. . I’m rambling on but it is fun. -Michael

  2. We must say, that is one nifty camcorder you have on the previous post. We only use cameras to tape ourselves playing fipple flutes, (recorders, ocarinas ext..)
    But we must ask you an important question,
    Do you play the recorder?

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