why, hello

well, it’s been a while.

but who cares?

so how is everyone?

want a soda?

vacation was good. amy has pictures. i had fun with katie. hopefully i’ll get to order my camera today, if these women don’t slack off. i want the money. that’s what i want.

i’ll get around to commenting on everyone’s site. i don’t feel like it now.

i thought i was pretty lazy during the school year, nope.

summer makes it worse.

i hate summer. (actually that’s not true, it’s a bittersweet relationship)

i hate not doing anything.

i bought a massage chair

and 11 movies this week.

i’m turning into josh tracy. sorry josh, it’s true…everytime i go to the store now, i buy a movie.

good movies though.

and now i got another gift card, so i’ll go over to best buy and buy a movie.

that’s how it works.

well this is stupid, so i’ll go.




well, i went to the doctor yesterday thinking i had cancer.
i had had this lump for a couple of years and i was too embarrassed to tell anyone-STUPID! i used to make up excuses and tell myself it wasn’t cancer. it’s wierd to be 16, 17, thinking you’re going to die. i had accepted it. (i kept all of this a secret.)
so anyway, with my cousing having cancer, i told my dad.
we went to the doctor yesterday. (creepiest doctor i’ve ever seen)
did some awkward stuff…
no cancer.
just a harmless lump.

the details of this story were censored for your comfort. call me if you wanna know more. it’s actually a funny story.

well, this is a surprise to all of you except for a couple of people i’ve told the last couple of days.

i keep secrets well.

anyway, that’s a relief because the only thing i was worried about was not being able to go to AIM.

love you guys.


well, nothing much going on, as usual.

trying to get paid and such.

i finally finished all of my thank you notes. but cards are still coming.

it rained today. finally.

czech beat u.s. in soccer. not that i watch soccer, but i like the czech republic.

it’s like slovakia’s richer brother, nice place. not as cool as kosice, though.

so, how are things.

wow, i really don’t have anything to say.

everyone’s switching to myspace.

sorry for all the stragglers.

but, have a nice week.





i guess it’s about time

i’ve been chillin out at lcu.

getting free camp and all.

it’s not legal, but hey.

i am on a wierd sleep schedule though. the other night i was tired so i went to sleep around 10, and woke up at 3:30. i was so annoyed. it’s not 4:20 and i can’t sleep. i have 4 hours until i have to be at class.

that’s poopy.

nothing else to write about.