well, graduation was ok.

amy has pictures

if you couldn’t tell, i’m getting lazier with this xanga thing

i refuse to actually say the word “xanga” in an actual conversation.

few people know that i actively avoid the word.

this is what i’m in the market for right now.

so i’ve been making sure i’m not getting ripped off.

lazy summer for logan

try to do some videos for money.



14 thoughts on “

  1. thats an awesome camera!!!  i love your background.  yeah i think everyone tries to avoid xanga for the most part now…its old…lolbeing lazy is very fun…enjoy it before you start aim…lol

  2. Thank you for the get well comment, Logan! It is always nice to know people care… because when your body is sick your heart kinda gets infected too, so thanx.
    This new lay out is awesome! I liked the last one too, I wasn’t sure you could come up with another as cool, but you did!
    I hope God blesses your endeavor to make some money over this summer with film making! See you in August if not some time before

  3. So…it was really weird, because I read your comment on my xanga….and it says that it was left at 3:05 am this morning. Well, I checked it at exactly 3:05 p.m. today.
    What are you doing at your house after 3 pm today?

  4. Hey! I don’t think you forgot about me. I just don’t think you knew that I existed in the world of xanga. I’m a newbie to this world, but learning fast, I think. Congrats on graduating! Welcome to the world of “adulthood”?

  5. how does it feel to be done with high school?  time will just fly by, trust me…  I graduated 5 years ago, but it only feels like yesterday…  Australia has been good to us.  Elisha’s family ROCKS!!  have a great summer and have fun at the Price Is Right!!  you’re soooo lucky!!  Take care…
    In Him,

  6. Hey Gan, that’s a pretty jazzy cam.  So you’re looking ahead to a lazy summer eh? Me as well, except I plan on going to lots o’ camps. Yay.  talk to ya later bro :c)

  7. logan! how are you? i miss yall. hows it coming with your camara? i saw a mustang today, and i actually did a double take, and thought in my head “what is logan doing here?” lol.

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