i graduate today.

i woke up to a chuck norris informercial. i changed the channel to walker, texas ranger.

i hope that’s a good sign.



so today was my last day of class.

i got meetings tommorow and thursday.

then i grageeyate.

so…nothing much going on.

went rappeling this weekend.

good times.

um…don’t know what else to tell ya.

jackie was in town yesterday at our graduation party. that was fun. good memories.

i’m gonna go back and visit again soon.



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  1. I very much like the post before this one. I happen to be rather excited about AIM being so near too…It kinda hit me last night because one of my friends wanted to go out but I couldn’t and he got mad because we’re both leaving for college this fall and I told him “we aren’t leaving for atleast 2 months, we’ll get to hang out” but then I was like “wait…this up-coming month is June and i’ll be gone for 3 weeks of that…the month after that is july and i’ll be gone two weeks straight from that…and then it’s august!?! AHHH”it’s scary sometimes…but that’s life.
    I like that picture of you and your friend also, it’s good. 

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