about the last entry, i did have a smile on my face. believe it or not. that’s probably why i didn’t get in trouble, cause it was like we were teasing each other.

wow, josh left for mexico today.

it hit me today, and now it just seems so real. it’s like, “wow, this time next year, i’ll be doing the same thing.”

it’s going to go by so fast.

leaving in a year and i don’t know where i’m going yet.

i’ll tell you though, mexico is moving up my list. it used to be on my nightmare list (i don’t know why), but then i started thinking about how much i stinking love mexico and i was trying to imagine myself in josh’s shoes, and i got really excited.

but it’s probably in my top five.

my revised nightmare list is italy and albania

i like this picture

after leading singing, and jp’s speech.


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  1. thanks for reading and even commenting. wow! I feel super special! Yes, Mexico is amazing, but you’re completely welcome in Siberia! but hey, you know what, the place isn’t important, you serving God, EVERYWHERE you are is, so I pray that God puts you in the exact place he wants you, which I’m sure he will. Isn’t God cool? I mean wow, I’m glad I’m not in control of things. okay, I’ll stop rambling. love ya and miss ya tons! God Bless!

  2. eu gosto de muito latim de América. I’ve never been…. but I still like it and would love to go. I’m proud of Josh, he has my prayers… we’ll get to see him if we go to Mexico City right?

  3. hey buddy! how are things in “beautiful” lubbock. im quoting all the texans that are in denial. anywho, i miss ya man. feel free to say hi to me anytime. (406)587-0160GRACE LOVE AND PEACE FROM PAPPA!caleb

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