sorry i haven’t been leaving comments lately.

this weekend was fun.

no pictures.


this was forced.



9 thoughts on “

  1. That was the best video i have ever seen … i laughed … i cried … because i was laughing so hard … Oscar material right there … Good Job …

  2. i’m honored you left me a comment Mr. Smith, that makes me happy.
    Um, yeah, i finally posted! Yay! Go me! Tho it was kinda forced and out of complete boredom…I should hire someone to make enty’s for me and pay them in chocolate bars or small balls of lent from my pockets… Interested? The job would come with benefits even: 1 free meal a month.

  3. I’m assuming you left me that comment. Under your sister’s name.
    Yes Logan, I take AP Tests. They give me college credit. I guess you don’t know what that means, since you’re doing AIM. It’s ok. I still love you.
    But not like that.

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