well, graduation was ok.

amy has pictures

if you couldn’t tell, i’m getting lazier with this xanga thing

i refuse to actually say the word “xanga” in an actual conversation.

few people know that i actively avoid the word.

this is what i’m in the market for right now.

so i’ve been making sure i’m not getting ripped off.

lazy summer for logan

try to do some videos for money.




i graduate today.

i woke up to a chuck norris informercial. i changed the channel to walker, texas ranger.

i hope that’s a good sign.



so today was my last day of class.

i got meetings tommorow and thursday.

then i grageeyate.

so…nothing much going on.

went rappeling this weekend.

good times.

um…don’t know what else to tell ya.

jackie was in town yesterday at our graduation party. that was fun. good memories.

i’m gonna go back and visit again soon.



about the last entry, i did have a smile on my face. believe it or not. that’s probably why i didn’t get in trouble, cause it was like we were teasing each other.

wow, josh left for mexico today.

it hit me today, and now it just seems so real. it’s like, “wow, this time next year, i’ll be doing the same thing.”

it’s going to go by so fast.

leaving in a year and i don’t know where i’m going yet.

i’ll tell you though, mexico is moving up my list. it used to be on my nightmare list (i don’t know why), but then i started thinking about how much i stinking love mexico and i was trying to imagine myself in josh’s shoes, and i got really excited.

but it’s probably in my top five.

my revised nightmare list is italy and albania

i like this picture

after leading singing, and jp’s speech.


so here’s the thing. a lot has happened, but also nothing has happened at the same time.

i finally told my art teacher off and i’m really glad i didn’t get a pink slip because she had given out two already that day.

so it happened like this.

our new project (i got a 75 on the paper mache) is a quilt pattern, that will never make it past the “paper planning stage.” so basically it’s just drawing a bunch of squares, and dividing each square into two halves, and shading in one half of each square to make a pattern. i think that makes sense.

so when she explained the rules to me, she didn’t tell me that i could have no more than four (4) shaded or unshaded halves touching each other.

so my first design had 10 or so unshaded halves touching.

so i overhear this rule from another table and i ask if mine is okay.

she says no

so i said “well, i think it still looks cool, so can i keep it?”

she said, “sure you can keep it, you just won’t get full credit.”

“well, i think, since you didn’t explain the rules fully, i should be able to get full credit because it still looks cool.”

“i promise you it won’t look cool on paper.”

“well, i’m gonna keep it and do the other 5 patterns by the rules.”

“why don’t you just fix it?”

“because i don’t want to restart my project again just because YOU didn’t tell me all the rules, that’s stupid.”

“it’s one of the rules”

“it’s a stupid rule”

“have you ever finished a project this year?”

“i’ve finished all of the projects”

“but not to the best of your abilities”

“they’re stupid projects- this project is just geometry”

“this attitude is going to carry out in the rest of your life”

“the rest of my life isn’t YOUR art class- i’ll do the rest of the project according to the rules, but i’m not starting over”

and i didn’t get in trouble. my whole table was laughing while i was talking because they don’t like the class either.


we had our senior banquet on sunday. i led singing in front of the whole church.

i thought i would be nervous because i was doing six songs, but i prayed about it and other people prayed about it and i wasn’t nervous.

i almost cried. almost.

i am a MAN.

i’ll have pictures up later.

wow, hopefully this long entry makes up for the past ones.

love me