okay, this video.

i made it for english because i hate this book. i shot it today, and now i’m going to show it to my teacher tomorrow.

don’t freak out. i’m not a psycho or anything, i made it dramatic on purpose.

to set up the style, i’ll tell you about the book.

so the book is about a girl that gets raped, gets married, leaves her husband for the guy that raped her, realizes that she loves her husband, kills her raper, and gets executed. and then her husband marries her sister.

and you’re supposed to feel sorry for this girl.

and then there’s the video

Get this video and more at MySpace.com


15 thoughts on “

  1. oh wow i miss you too!!! No i really do…. who nuzzles me like logan? Who is creative like logan… who loves like logan… NOONE!!!! see you this next week sometime… HUGS

  2. That was incredible.  I almost cried…nah just kidding.  Apocolyptica, nice choice for setting the mood.  Where did you get that song from?  hah.  It was incredible.

  3. The bliss of having a good literature list… I get to read stuff like Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, Ben Hur, Scottish Chiefs… and whatever else I feel like picking up. I would like to read some C.S. Lewis … but I doubt I will have time before AIM. Cool video, glad you are using your skills to convey your feelings and help others feel what you are feeling. What art… pure Logan-ness. I give it two thumbs up.

  4. logan! i expect pictures on here of your visit this weekend, unless you didnt take any, then you are off the hook:)

  5. Logan, wow I miss you so much. That was hilarious! Was that your papa in the background- I think I heard Kris’ voice! I miss you guys. Ok, so in college I did almost the same thing, but in my own way since I’ve never touched a gun- except my dad’s bb gun…anyway, so I read this book that was about this guy who collected butterflies, and then he like gets obsessed with this girl and kidnaps her and like locks her in his basement ( I think they might’ve made a movie out of this in the 50’s or 60’s..CRAZY!) Anyway, so the whole time, I’m still have hope, that she’s going to get out and it’s like a split book where it tells from her view and from his demented view, and how he keeps her and traps her like all his butterflies…and then in the end..she tries to get out, and finally manages- but he drags her back and then she DIES of pneumonia…after the wholllleeeeee booooooook…i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry- I wen out to the trash can in the hallway in my dorm- I was in SHOCK- and I ripped my book to pieces- and I’m a respecter of books..lol…so I ripped it up with my bare hands! ha ha ha. Good for you for shooting it. I just wrote a book. but hey…ENJOY! 🙂

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