i wish it took longer than 8 months to become best friends with somebody.

that would have made this week a lot easier.

i love these aimers so much.

this morning was the hardest.


i love you.





8 thoughts on “

  1. i totally agree with you…i didnt cry or anything when i told the AIMers goodbye last year…but this year…i was a mess…i miss them soooo much…

  2. that post makes me so sad and  I didn’t even get to know this class very well.
    I understand you wanting to hold on to this year
    but our class is this year…
    …i have nothing else to say about that I guess… 

  3. Well, I just thougt that i would tell you that i posted. maybe one of the last posts i ever make. well, peace out my friend.

  4. Good times over the last 8 months. A lot laughs, miles on a bus… Good times. Keep your dad in line this year man. He can get crazy in the AIM classroom. You’re going to be an awesome leader for the 2006 class. YOU’RE AWESOME LOGAN!! Love ya bro…In Him,-Matt

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