so, new orleans was really cool. it was a lot worse than i thought it would be. i think amy might have all the details.

so… i was stressed because i thought i had the wrong textbook for my corespondence course, i was two weeks behind in all my classes and three weeks behind in art, i had one day to finish a wedding video for an amazing girl, and my car was dead.

but in one day i found out my textbook was ok, and i finished the video…the art story is the funny one.

so i had been slacking off in art for three days- i hadn’t done a single thing- because my gpa is frozen and i don’t need the credit. i was not motivated in the least to start on my paper mache project that everyone else started 3 weeks before on. so finally my teacher tells me to get to work, so in my sarcastic way of doing things, i sat down with my group (all 3 weeks ahead of me) and decided to mock the project.

the project: our assignment is to build a paper mache animal that has 7 different parts and it has to be creative and original.

what i did: everyone else’s projects are really big and elaborate. they’ve spent the whole 3 weeks and they still weren’t finished. so i sit down and decide, as a joke, to make seven different life-size insects all out of little paper mache balls. so i made a lady bug, a worm, a caterpillar, a beetle, moth, rollie-pollie, and a millipede. it only took me about 5 minutes. so now all of my friends are anxious for me to show my teacher and to find out what she had to say about it.

the teacher: she’s probably the least smartest person you’ll ever meet. that’s no lie. she’s got the voice of a muppet with a new york accent and i guess finds it obligatory to wear leather pants every now-and-then.

so i called her to my table and i showed her my project (in it’s entirety, it fits in the palm of my hand) and i asked her “so, should i put these on like a leaf before i paint them?” and she kind of paused for a second- the “brain pains.” and said yes. now, she doesn’t say yes a lot, she’s very set in her ways and is not flexible at all, so, naturally this answer was quite a surprise. so much so that my whole table started laughing in utter disbelief, except for me with my staid countenance. so in five minutes, i caught up with the rest of my class.

on a sadder note:

abby- my twin- got married on saturday. i didn’t get to see her until an hour before the wedding. her mom told me that i wouldn’t believe how much she couldn’t wait to see me- so i didn’t try.

i’m not gonna lie, it was awkward at the first, but i sat down with her and we talked. i was really worried because i didn’t know anything about her fiance. she told me he was an amazing christian guy- whew. and i sat with her through her “panick-attack.” and then i had to go set up the cameras.

i realized that it was getting close to time, so i went to find her. i had to hunt a while, but i found her. i gave her a hug, whispered i loved her, and kissed her on the forehead. the wedding was amazing and i cried, and then we didn’t really talk after that. not that i didn’t want to…but naturally she was busy.

so i’ve been kind of depressed lately. but don’t worry, i won’t have to take medicine.

wow that was long.




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  1. This makes the record for most words in a Logan entry.
    I wish I was in your art class with you. I would most likely do the exact same thing. Kind of like we did in precal last year.
    So I think I’ve almost made my decision. I’m leaning towards majoring in youth and family ministery at LCU. I may try AIM later on if I’m still interested, but for the time, I think I’ll stick with my original plan.
    I’m watching the NCAA championship, and UCLA is losing, and I’m sad.

  2. abby looked beautiful, and im sure you did a good job on her video. im sorry about your stress, hopefully you’ll get caught up and all will be right. love and God bless

  3. wow.. you realize that you just asked for every girl that reads this to comment about what a sweet guy you are.. so .. ill be first… Logan, You’re such an amazing guy! and nice job on the art stuff… see sarcasm is good.

  4. Wow, I think that was a glimpse into your heart Logan… You managed all of that AND made a great entry about it. I give you an A+! Also as far as Abby goes, I am proud of you man you really showed your love for her by standing by her and being her friend at her wedding. I am not sure if many other guys face a test like that…some might… and some would fail by letting thier own feelings have full reign instead of choosing restraint. I could say more, but it would all be saying the same thing. Admirable man, really awesome! You are really something Logan Smith, I can’t wait to get to know you better. JohnathanP.S.Were going to need to see your bugs man! LOL

  5. Hey there, it was good to talk to you the other day, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I am keeping you in my prayers.
    Definitely want to see pictures of those bugs after they are painted… if that is possible

  6. hey dude
     I was suprised to here from you i hope you have a good week , awe I am waching my favorit movie “Anne of Green Gables” it rocks anne is so much like me heheeh i am so wired i am in a ” awe ” mood right now it is at a part were this laddy is singing opra hehe i use to think it was wired but it is kinda pretty, well write back


  7. i just wanted to let you know im praying for you, i know the AIMers leaving is going to be hard for you .
    love you man

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