okay, this video.

i made it for english because i hate this book. i shot it today, and now i’m going to show it to my teacher tomorrow.

don’t freak out. i’m not a psycho or anything, i made it dramatic on purpose.

to set up the style, i’ll tell you about the book.

so the book is about a girl that gets raped, gets married, leaves her husband for the guy that raped her, realizes that she loves her husband, kills her raper, and gets executed. and then her husband marries her sister.

and you’re supposed to feel sorry for this girl.

and then there’s the video

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so ltc was good.

i took some of my senior pictures this weekend in dallas.

here are some of my favorites.

*Funny story about the above picture

That’s right!

we’ll probably take some more in “downtown” lubbock.

*funny story*

so this picture was taken across the street from where Kennedy was assassinated. the memorial is the same on both sides of the street, so we came over here because there were no tourists. we take a couple of pictures and i notice a homeless guy starts heading our way. so i tell amanda that we may have some company.  he comes up and asks for some of my extra change, so i give him a couple of quarters. he says he likes to draw in mcdonalds and he needs a coffee. then he asks me if i’m “born again.” i tell him that i’m baptized, and he asks what all that entails in my religion. so i tell him what i believe and why i was baptized. and he then asks if we were married.
“but you want to, right?”
“not with each other, but eventually yes. with other people.”
looking at me- “well, you’re gonna have a hard time when you’re married because your wife is gonna be molested up and down the street.”

this freaks amanda out.

looking at amanda- “you’re not gonna get married because you’ll be molested and loose trust in men and men in the bible.”

this freaks amanda out more. so i prop my leg up and lean against the wall so i could have my hand on my knife without him seeing my reaching for it.

he sees my aim shirt and asks if i’m a missionary.

i explain myself.

he then tells me he was born as an orphan in israel and was raised by a jewish something. but later he talked about jews and i could tell he didn’t know what he was talking about.

we talked for 30 minutes about different things in the bible. he was very smart- he had a very extense vocabulary, but he kept contradicting himself. but i didn’t want to offend him or make him angry, because i didn’t want to have to end up stabbing him.

besides, i could tell amanda was very uncomfortable.

i just wanted to see how long he would talk, and it was interesting to see his point of view- especially on his self-proclaimed power of prophesy.

i started to realize that HE was uncomfortable (i don’t get uncomfortable in these situations very easily) so i notice that he backs away every time i move. so i’m kind of chasing him around the room slowly as he’s talking and finally, i say, “i’m sorry to interrupt you, but we really have to get back to work.” so he closed it up in about 5 minutes and then told us he loved us, and i just pointed back at him and told him to enjoy his coffee.

amanda was really shook up about it.

but i thouht it was funny and cool.







i wish it took longer than 8 months to become best friends with somebody.

that would have made this week a lot easier.

i love these aimers so much.

this morning was the hardest.


i love you.





so, new orleans was really cool. it was a lot worse than i thought it would be. i think amy might have all the details.

so… i was stressed because i thought i had the wrong textbook for my corespondence course, i was two weeks behind in all my classes and three weeks behind in art, i had one day to finish a wedding video for an amazing girl, and my car was dead.

but in one day i found out my textbook was ok, and i finished the video…the art story is the funny one.

so i had been slacking off in art for three days- i hadn’t done a single thing- because my gpa is frozen and i don’t need the credit. i was not motivated in the least to start on my paper mache project that everyone else started 3 weeks before on. so finally my teacher tells me to get to work, so in my sarcastic way of doing things, i sat down with my group (all 3 weeks ahead of me) and decided to mock the project.

the project: our assignment is to build a paper mache animal that has 7 different parts and it has to be creative and original.

what i did: everyone else’s projects are really big and elaborate. they’ve spent the whole 3 weeks and they still weren’t finished. so i sit down and decide, as a joke, to make seven different life-size insects all out of little paper mache balls. so i made a lady bug, a worm, a caterpillar, a beetle, moth, rollie-pollie, and a millipede. it only took me about 5 minutes. so now all of my friends are anxious for me to show my teacher and to find out what she had to say about it.

the teacher: she’s probably the least smartest person you’ll ever meet. that’s no lie. she’s got the voice of a muppet with a new york accent and i guess finds it obligatory to wear leather pants every now-and-then.

so i called her to my table and i showed her my project (in it’s entirety, it fits in the palm of my hand) and i asked her “so, should i put these on like a leaf before i paint them?” and she kind of paused for a second- the “brain pains.” and said yes. now, she doesn’t say yes a lot, she’s very set in her ways and is not flexible at all, so, naturally this answer was quite a surprise. so much so that my whole table started laughing in utter disbelief, except for me with my staid countenance. so in five minutes, i caught up with the rest of my class.

on a sadder note:

abby- my twin- got married on saturday. i didn’t get to see her until an hour before the wedding. her mom told me that i wouldn’t believe how much she couldn’t wait to see me- so i didn’t try.

i’m not gonna lie, it was awkward at the first, but i sat down with her and we talked. i was really worried because i didn’t know anything about her fiance. she told me he was an amazing christian guy- whew. and i sat with her through her “panick-attack.” and then i had to go set up the cameras.

i realized that it was getting close to time, so i went to find her. i had to hunt a while, but i found her. i gave her a hug, whispered i loved her, and kissed her on the forehead. the wedding was amazing and i cried, and then we didn’t really talk after that. not that i didn’t want to…but naturally she was busy.

so i’ve been kind of depressed lately. but don’t worry, i won’t have to take medicine.

wow that was long.