well…camp adventure was good. the lessons will be on aimsunset.org/lessons. they were really good. our class is going to be amazing. woop woop.

i don’t really feel like writing anything.

i’m leaving for new orleans tonight with the aimers. gonna miss another week of school.


well, this was another forced one.



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  1. well…i am an mk and i live in Bratislava. I live here for 2 years, my parents helped start a school for missionary kids to go to and they teach there. we are only short-term missionaries though so we are movin back to NJ in July. i lived in NJ all my life til i moved here. i love it here and i dont want to leave. I love to play soccer and i play on a slovak team here. so i have learned a lot of slovak from hearing it all the time and being forced to use it. so that is basically all….

  2. Hey Gan, awesome to see you this weekend!!
    Can I get that list of peoples e-mail addys? I left before I could get one, and what video were you going to put on here? Any hoo, have a good time in New Orleans!
    I’m pretty excited about our class too, last week was awesome!!    ❤ evol

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