if you haven’t noticed, i’ve had a lynyrd skynyrd theme for my last couple of songs…i’m not gonna lie…lynyrd skynyrd is my favorite. this song makes me think of slovakia, and then i cry…just listen.

one more week till camp adventure…

i’m thinking about buying an ipod video…

i hate school…
it’s really pointless.

man, i wish our youth group wasn’t so dead…

we had an aim youth rally, sort of…
that was good.

well, if you could tell, i didn’t put much effort into this post, but, meh.



15 thoughts on “

  1. When I don’t have much effort to put into a post I just don’t post. I try, though, to keep up with commenting. That is just me. I am glad you post anyway, so that I can leave comments.
    I have a guy that lives in Grass Valley and is going to be in our AIM class that started e-mailing me. Phil (the AIMer Phil) gave him my e-mail address. I am going to give him your e-mail and some other people I know that will be in our class. I just wanted to tell you first. His name is Tommy Wastervelt. I’ll e-mail you his e-mail address too. He is comming to Camp Adventure… he says it is his first time out of Cali or Navada… so he has never seen the greatness of Texas yet.
    I am glad to hear the Youth Rally was good, sorry there wasn’t a great turn out. sad day
    God bless ya!

  2. Lynynrd Skynyrd is the shiznit. Yeah, my youth group is kind of annoying me. But, you live and you learn, and then you die. Not sure what that had to do with it, but it sounded inspirational/morbid, so I wanted to type it. Have a good week.

  3. i love lynyrnrd skynyrd..good band. sorry your youth group is dead..its good u had an aim youth rally..sounds fun!! turns out we arn’t going to camp adventure :(..theres always next year. ttyl tootles

  4. i sadly agree with our youth group, but there is always hope….
    had fun @ your house, sorry about the semi-embarrassing-videos, but you gotta know, you broke the mold when you were born:)
    love you silly boy

  5. hey! i like lynard skynard too it’s a good band!! srry that u’re youth group is dead . that’s sad. school is pointless we don’t need to know any of it in the long run y should we know algebra when we get to Heaven wats the point? though i do believe that God has us go to school in order to have a chance to reach out to other ppl about him and to test our faith and that we just do work so we have to go. yeah that’s how i c school. i can’t go to camp adventure cause i don’t have ride :(. oh well (sigh). that’s all. ttyl bye.

  6. See you this weekend! Exctiedness.
    Yeah, I like Kinder too, I used to buy them in Ukraine all the time. Funny thing is I used to like them alot but then when we traveled home to the US I had a few in my suit case and when I got into it there was kinder chocolate all over the place and I havn’t wanted to eat one since…I think all the Kinder guts just turned me off to the Kinder experience…

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