Hey! Good news, everybody! I got my first citation today!

i wasn’ t speeding or anything don’t worry.

my inspection sticker was expired.

by more than a year



well, i guess i should update.

this is a little forced, so it might be short.

wow, um…i think my apartment for camp adventure might have 11 guys in it. (including aimers)

that’s won’t be too good.

so, how is everyone?

i’m doing pretty good. i had a bad day the other day.

everything was annoying me for some reason. about that, here’s a hint for the future: if i ever have a bad day and you’re around me, don’t ask why i had a bad day. it annoys me for some reason. if i want to tell you, i’ll tell you.

i don’t know, i guess i just hate being specific. i usually have to be specific when i’m explaining my day.

it’s like when i used to go to camp, i’d hate telling my parents what i did. i still get irritated with that kind of stuff. oh well.

saw schindler’s list.

i cried.

i’m gonna be sad when the aimers leave. this is my favorite class. sorry class of 2004.

well, see ya next week


oh yeah, here’s my car, amber



11 thoughts on “

  1.       Hah, 2nd comment, go me. So I fixed my “truley.” Can you believe I got an A in English last semester?? yeah, I know.      Well, thanks for the tip about the whole “bad day” thing, i’ll be sure to watch that because I really like to ask people why they’re down and i don’t wanna get back handed for it :co       I really hate it when I’m about to go do something and somebody (especially my family) tells me to do it. So if i’m ever about to clean something or do something, don’t tell me to do it right before I get there because i’m liable to turn around and walk away. I just get so angry. I like your car, but you know that already. My car is baby blue too….but more rolling box-ish.  Love ya Gan ❤

  2. ouch, i feel bad, i asked you why your day was bad a few days ago…. sorry…..:)?
    lol, im going to be sad when the aimer’s leave this year too, i really got to know some of them
    love and God bless

  3. I feel so special, you posted a picture just for me!  Now I know ^_^ awesomeness
    I will make a mental note of the bad day stuff and asking for a recap on things. I know what you mean though… on those sour days I just want to not think of the bad… stop asking.
     I spent some time with some awesome ’04 AIMers… it was encouraging, uplifting, great, fun, awesome, memorable etc. plus they share some of my struggles because they are missionaries in the same country. Soon ’06 will be your favorite… maybe I am wrong… I am just hopeful.

  4. lol, yesssssss it’s nice to know i’m not the only one who gets a little bit ticked when people start asking about why i’m having a bad day and like you said, being specific.. heh.

  5. hey..ill be sure to never ask you about your day then or why it was a bad day or anything like that. i think that a group from lone oak is going to camp adventure! depends if it is final that darins mom is taking us..i hope so! ill ttyl tootles

  6. Hey Logan I hope I see you on messenger again sometime. I think everyone knows what you mean… I always end up giving recaps anyway though… my mom is like  “why don’t you want to tell me?” It makes me feel bad like hey she just wants in on my life… its pretty devicive now that I am thinking of it. Anyway as everyone else has said, I understand I just hope I remember.

  7. meh.  it’s ok.  We were kinda lame I guess.  I mean, look at my comments…lame.  The lame-a-tude of me is sooo inversely proportional to the cool-i-tude..or something.  I’ll try to be a cooler assistant than I was an AIMer

  8. Do you find yourself totally freaking out that AIM is so darn close?? I have been lately and I don’t really know why. I don’t really feel like typing it all agian but I left a comment about it on Mike P.’s xanga.
    Krasy Krasy

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