i made this fun for fun.



for some reason, i went through all of my baby pictures and played around with them in photoshop.

so i’ll put them on here because it’s my xanga and i can do whatever i want.

so here goes

The guy on the left is one of my dad’s good friends. The daughter (in the picture) is two hours younger than me and is getting married in April.

you can probably guess why i had that face.

All of these babies’ parents were best friends, and we were all born in the same week.

I still make that face when i poop.

now you know why i’m so cute.



20 thoughts on “

  1. wow what a cute baby!!!lol    you may wander why im commenting on your xanga,,,but i don’t even know!!lol gotta go
    In Him,Tori Brott

  2. Logan! These are great, I lovies this post! So cute, and great photography. I love the dog one, the one of you kissing your sister (all dressed up! awww!!!) and sitting in the tire. Those are my favorite

  3. how precious…
    Tho I really only got to see like the first 5 because my puter wouldnt load the rest :c( I guess if I ever get to go over to your parents house for Pizza Puffs i’ll have to find the old albums and look at the hard copies * dance of excitedness*  Lol :c)
    Laters Gan. See ya in a few weeks

  4. I feel like I did really awesome on your little quiz, I couldn’t guess the year of your car right because I have never ever seen our heard anything about your car. So I feel pretty proud of myself. :oD

  5. hey!
    i was wondering if u could ask ur dad if they plan to go to workshop next year. b/c my church is sponsering next year.
    and it would freakin rock to be in the flag cerimony in workshop that my church put on! ya picture it and its a pretty cool thing…….ya. beautiful.
    welp i’ll ttyl

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