well, i’ve been tagged.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:


but seriously.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

Saving Private Ryan

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Forest Gump

Munich (after i buy and edit a couple of scenes)

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over:

The Bible

I don’t read.

Four Places I’ve Lived:

Wichita, KS (born and lived for 5 years)

Lubbock, TX (2 and 8 years)

Paducah, KY (5 months)

Kosice, Slovakia (4 years)

Four TV Shows I Watch:


Colbert Report

Three Stooges everymorning whilst preparing for school.


Websites I Visit Daily:




studentfilms.com (thanks brandon)

My Favourite (british spelling) Foods:

Fiesta Lime Chicken from Applebees

Jackie’s Steaks

My Mom’s Pizza Puffs

My Mom’s Pizza

Four Places I’d Like to Be Right Now:





I’m NOT Tagging Anyone, Sorry.


P.S. if you haven’t seen my mexico pictures, view the preceeding entry


18 thoughts on “

  1. I actually saw this song being sung on tv. proper grammer is for stupid. anywho, excited about next friday? it probably wont be that exciting, unless we kill something. but if we go crazy hog hunting, ill see if you can go then too.

  2. So Bryan and I auditioned for the extra positions in the movie. We actually just filled out a paper with some information and then took a few photos, but  I could make it to the big screens someday.

  3. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! very nice entry by the way and thanks for not tagging anyone…seriously! I didnt know that you actually lived in Paducah very interesting.  You’re Mexico pics are very nice!

  4. thank you for sparing me the torture of having to find all those people that you tagged just to see what they say seeing  as how i have up life.  But dude this song is like the most distracting song in the world.  I could barely read what you wrote cuz of this stupid song.  Peace out. TTFN

  5. LOGAN!!!!  WOW!!!! I have not talked to you in a really long time!  What is up?  How is your family???  Tell them I said hi and I miss you all!!!!  Hope life is treating you well.  I don’t actually have a Xanga I just comment on other people’s but my email is  lauren_deshawn@hotmail.com .  Let me know how you are.  Lots of love-Lauren Walker

  6. do you have any music codes sites that actually work? Cuz I have spent 3 hours trying to find some and GAH, none actually work.  I SLEDDED!! When you come down to springfield perhaps you can enjoy some of our snow! *dance of snowy happiness* 
    love ya gan

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