well i don’t really feel like posting…

so hopefully i can find some good pictures of mexico.

this is the church that leonardo dicapprio ran out of in romeo and juliet

well that was mexico…well obviously THAT was not mexico, but you get the picture (i actually did not intend that pun).

my favorite part was our cell group at a mexican family’s house. it was awesome.

i also loved hanging out with the aimers.




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  1. well it seems that you had an amzing trip! Yay for the baptism in the picture!  So judging by the comment you made about winterfest i can only assume that you will not be going to the one in gatlinburg. Too bad i was looking forward to seeing you…sad face.

  2. LOGANS BACK FROM MEXICO!!!!! Wow, the world was all cadiwompas and backwards while you were away!! Dogs were wearing smoking jackets and discussing Carl Smith theory, Pigs everywhere checked themselves into clinics and were diagnosed with obsessive compulisive disorder for being to clean, Children were grounding their parents, McDonalds served veal and red wine, and I actually did my college school work way before the night it was due!!….okay, im totally lying, but it’s nice to have you back in America.
    Well, Picutre #1 – The day I went to that Cathederial last summer, i nearly cried because it scared and saddened me so much, plus it was POURING down rain, so it added to the freakyness.Picutre #5 – it was sooo amazing when I was up there because a storm was rolling in, so when we got up there it was pretty but then it rained like fat drops on us! It was buetymous.Picute #6 – that’s cruel… I want Tocos el pastor and lime!! * crys * Picutre #…last one… – I ran up that pyramid and only had to take like 4 breaks!!! We’ll have to race up it on our Mexico trip, it’s fun.
    Anyway, lovely seeing you back to the world of Xanga, give me a call and give me the lovely details of the trip sometime!! Lotsa love ❤  — RaShawn —

  3. logan, im so happy yall got home safely, rashawn was right in part, it was so different wtihout you. thank you for being there for me when i felt bad. i cant wait to go to leon this summer and mexico city this next year. AIM really is coming, are you starting to get scared/nervous? anyways, loveyou

  4. Logan this is Zach, what were you doing after we watched the movie at Albanian’s apartment? Because I called them once whispering, “catchem killem” but they called back telling me that all their phones were ringing and that someone was going by their door knocking on it…I didn’t believe them when they told me but I was just wondering if you knew anything about it…

  5. Hey those are some awesome pics. I wish I could have gone. I’m glad you got to go. I loved it when I went. Well thanks for the pics, I’ll talk to you later -Michael

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