Hey! Good news, everybody! I got my first citation today!

i wasn’ t speeding or anything don’t worry.

my inspection sticker was expired.

by more than a year



well, i guess i should update.

this is a little forced, so it might be short.

wow, um…i think my apartment for camp adventure might have 11 guys in it. (including aimers)

that’s won’t be too good.

so, how is everyone?

i’m doing pretty good. i had a bad day the other day.

everything was annoying me for some reason. about that, here’s a hint for the future: if i ever have a bad day and you’re around me, don’t ask why i had a bad day. it annoys me for some reason. if i want to tell you, i’ll tell you.

i don’t know, i guess i just hate being specific. i usually have to be specific when i’m explaining my day.

it’s like when i used to go to camp, i’d hate telling my parents what i did. i still get irritated with that kind of stuff. oh well.

saw schindler’s list.

i cried.

i’m gonna be sad when the aimers leave. this is my favorite class. sorry class of 2004.

well, see ya next week


oh yeah, here’s my car, amber




i made this fun for fun.



for some reason, i went through all of my baby pictures and played around with them in photoshop.

so i’ll put them on here because it’s my xanga and i can do whatever i want.

so here goes

The guy on the left is one of my dad’s good friends. The daughter (in the picture) is two hours younger than me and is getting married in April.

you can probably guess why i had that face.

All of these babies’ parents were best friends, and we were all born in the same week.

I still make that face when i poop.

now you know why i’m so cute.


well, i’ve been tagged.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:


but seriously.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

Saving Private Ryan

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Forest Gump

Munich (after i buy and edit a couple of scenes)

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over:

The Bible

I don’t read.

Four Places I’ve Lived:

Wichita, KS (born and lived for 5 years)

Lubbock, TX (2 and 8 years)

Paducah, KY (5 months)

Kosice, Slovakia (4 years)

Four TV Shows I Watch:


Colbert Report

Three Stooges everymorning whilst preparing for school.


Websites I Visit Daily:




studentfilms.com (thanks brandon)

My Favourite (british spelling) Foods:

Fiesta Lime Chicken from Applebees

Jackie’s Steaks

My Mom’s Pizza Puffs

My Mom’s Pizza

Four Places I’d Like to Be Right Now:





I’m NOT Tagging Anyone, Sorry.


P.S. if you haven’t seen my mexico pictures, view the preceeding entry

well i don’t really feel like posting…

so hopefully i can find some good pictures of mexico.

this is the church that leonardo dicapprio ran out of in romeo and juliet

well that was mexico…well obviously THAT was not mexico, but you get the picture (i actually did not intend that pun).

my favorite part was our cell group at a mexican family’s house. it was awesome.

i also loved hanging out with the aimers.