i’m dissappointed by what the world has deemed “acceptable.” it gets worse everyday. obviously, the media is the biggest part of that, but it’s also those hippies in san fransisco.

now, i don’t approve of some of the things that have happened in the last couple of days, but i won’t discuss them anymore. but i will say i’m sorry for some of the things said; things could have been worded with less childishlyness (it’s an oxymoronical word, ironically). consequently, i’ve blocked some people.

oh, magical xanga world. i wish i could block people from being able to comment in everyday life.


i’ve gotten to meet some of our future aimers this weekend. i’ll put all their names on here soon so you can pray for them.

i’m really looking forward to getting to them (and you guys) better next year. i’m really close to this year’s class, but i can’t wait to get even closer with our class next year. RaShawn, Amber, (Amber’s mom), i’m really proud of you for the way you handled and advised the situation. Love you guys. and i’m proud of you too, Amy and Keely, for stepping up (better late than never). Love you guys.

love you guys (and girls–gender friendly version)


I’ll be going to Mexico soon. Yay. that sentence was worthy of capitalization.

i love going to mexico and spending time with aimers…so naturally, i’ll have an amazing time down there.

have fun in america. and brazil. (mexico and france if you two are reading this)

you know, it’s amazing how many people actually read this. there are the obvious people who read it and comment, but i’m always meeting people (like amber’s grandpa) and they’ll say “hey, i read your xanga all the time.” i don’t have a problem with that at all, i think it’s cool. chris johnson, a missionary in leon, mexico says he reads it. i thought that was cool. Hi Chris and Milton!

anyway, that was longer than i thought it would be.

have a nice week. i probably won’t update for a while. don’t cry for me argentina.



16 thoughts on “

  1. hey buddy
    i think we made some ppl mad. ohh well….thats life i guess.
    heres to try keeping the peace…..but i guess christians arent suppose to keep peace, all the time.
    christ didnt……tipping tables and such… what a rebel!
    stay strong in Him

  2. Hey Logan i was wondering if you could send me an email address of someone who I could ask to find out if my online camp adventure registration was recived I registered a while ago and i havnt heard back about it…thanks.     -Michael Prevatt

  3. haha, I wish I could block peope in every day life too… that is funny. You know sometimes when people put lol they don’t really laught out loud… well I really did lol when I read that
    I really can’t wait for AIM, I am jealous you get to go to Mexico City… I have never been (sad face!) Hope you guys have a wonderful time!
    Love and God Bless!

  4. Hey Gan, I love you like a brother, and thank you so much for the comment. I am honored to be in an AIM class with you, I know God will challenge and grow us so much; it’s bequizzling just to think of. Any way, enjoy Mexico- the Pink House is a magical place, and I luv them puppies! I recently was told that I am a SD in personality…I found that odd, but kinda cool. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamics of our group this March. Anyway, good times.
    By the by, My sister in law was at kingdom seekers this weekend and seen Rachel McCoy, her team mate, and two other AIMers named Phil and Troy (?) that are going to Mexcio City (maybe?) any way, the latter knew me some how…do you know who these two are and how they know me? cuz it’s driving me crazy!…SNAP, i won’t know because you’re leaving for Mexico! *dramatically puts hand on forhead* I shall have to wait.  Have a good trip.

  5. Yes Keely, I always read the whole entry. I just like to make little jokes about specific parts of it. Like the fact that Xanga is only magical because of the leprichauns that watch over it with an unwavering eye. As for you, I don’t see anything in your comment that has to do with this entry. Well, this is too long.
    Logan I love you

  6. hey, dirtbag I read your xanga too.  just kidding, you’re not a dirtbag, but I do read your xanga (I had fun anyway).  I feel you on the wanting to be able to block people in real life, wouldn’t that be convienient?  I guess then though we wouldn’t grow or something…might be worth the trade, hah.
    I’ll tell you the same thing I told your dad, tear it up in Mexico man

  7. hey..i understand what your saying about the world and how peoples morals seem to keep getting worse. i hope you guys have a great time in mexico. ill ttyl!! tootles

  8. hey! yeah the world is getting worse everyday and i can’t imagine how bad it will b when the next generation gets here. it sorta scares me, how evil the world is, it makes me mad. well enough about that i hope u have a great time in Mexico, Darin, Jamey, and Aaron(our churchs’ janitor) r going. i wish i could go. oh well. ttyl bye.

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