ok, so this weekend wasn’t that good. the main speaker was ok, but the the classes were worse than last year, i thought that was impossible. it’s like they didn’t even try to fit religion any where in the classes.

one class was an acting group that maybe said “God” once.

the other was a comedian. the only thing that he said that even related to religion was “I’m a Christian offering clean comedy”.

they’re supposed to be classes.

anyway here’s what happens when you finish your timed writing early and you keep writing on extra paper so it looks like you’re working.

i wrote this in English class.

“i hate english and i’m just writing this to make it looke like i’m doing something. Wow, that’s gay. I can’t wait for AIM. I hope I get to go to Albania or Siberia. Leaning toward Siberia though. Oh well, I’m not going to worry about it until November. Wow, this stream of thought thing takes a lot more time on paper than it does on the computer. Wierd. I can only write so fast. I look stupid though because I’m writing really fast now compared to when I was actually writing what I was supposed to . I hate poetry. We worked on a sentence with 9 words for the whole class. People are going to be suspicious if i keep writing this fast. OK, so i’m writing a lot slower now. When I’m writing an English paper, I don’t dot my i’s. I like to go back and dot all the i’s so it looks like I’m revising. My paper ends up sounding like poop, but at least I look busy. I don’t write this much. People are going to be like, “Wow, Logan! 3 pages!” I usually only write one-and-a-half pages so i’ll have more than one. I could easily write a decent one page paper or less, but I add a bunch of poop so it will look like I wrote more. Future-Perfect Sentence. I still have 30 minutes left in class. Why is this such a long timed writing? At least we have a sub. I feel like Elaine when she’s stuck on the subway. I keep talking to myself. But does this count? I don’t think so. Who said that? sorry, stupid “talking-to-yourself-joke.” I felt obligated to do it. Sorry, Logan. It’s okay. Good… I wrote quotes and ellipses. Now it will look like I’m writing a good 4 page paper. 25 Minutes. Wow i wrote a lot in 5 minutes. I’ll slow down and dot my i’s. i should probably stop writing numbers and start spelling them out more because those are more visible if someone decides to glance at my paper. Why am I so paranoid? They know I’m a slacker. I should just turn it in 20 minutes early and take a nap. They’re probably all writing to themselves too. Maybe all along, everyone else was doing it too. I’m gonna go back and cross out words and rewrite them so it looks like i’m revising. Okay, people are starting to talk amongst themselves, i think i’m done pretending. goodbye, man”

well that was long, but it’s just an insight into my mind.

have a nice week



18 thoughts on “

  1. The information I learned in the last five minuets will be carried with me for the rest of my life. That was pretty funny. I really like your music, too. Seinfeld is so hilarious. It’s probably the greatest show of all time. Later, dude.

  2. hey quess who????????????????????????? chelsea!!!!!!!!!!! anyways i agree with on the classes at winterfest they really didnt have religion and that one class with the comedian singer he wasnt that great and wasnt talking about religion at all.the only good class was the with the “focus, focus ‘focus” know what i am talkin about well capche

  3. I love the ALLUSION (sorry for the use of the literary term, since you hate English) to Seinfeld. Nos vemos en unas dos semanas!!

  4. *rolls on floor pounding fists and laughing*
    I enjoy looks into your mind. You’re so odd.  That makes me thunk that I have not talked to you in a while. Whats hup with that?? Do you think we talk as long on the phone as we do online? because i’m thinking we don’t, for some odd reason. Maybe it’s the time you call. Like if you called me at 10 pm then we’d probably talk about nothing like we do online. Ummm… i’m going to bed now. College started tonight and all that syllabus wore me out! Phew!*wipes forhead intelectually*  ….rereads and laughs at her self  * doesn’t know how to spell ‘intelectually’*

  5. Um…Siberia…I say YES sir. You should do it.
    P.S. You should have obtained that red vest when you had the chance. Tomorrow someone else will probably see how cool it is…then they will add it to their wardrobe collection….then you will be sad faced, because they have it and not you.
    P.S.S. Um….I like your music on here. I remember the music video for this song. Haha. Yeah…does that make me old?
    Oh…and….um….write more Logan thoughts, more often. Thanks, it’s much appreciated.
    Umkay. Buh-bye now.

  6. okay 1. this photo right above me is soooooo bothersome *puts hand over her own eyes*  b. Who are you meeting thats going to be in a our class?!?!? Where are they from?!? What’s their names??  and 3. Where do you go to get your music? I can’t find ANYWHERE that has any stupid music that works. Makes me mad.

  7. “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life- in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing” phil 2:14-16
    Stuff like this whole Broke Back mess makes me ready for AIM ALLL THAT MUCH MORE!!! WOOT!

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