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this weekend was fun.

jackie, ryan, dusty, and i broke into the (haunted) baker hotel that’s had many ghost sightings. pretty wierd stuff, i don’t believe in ghosts.


it was built in the twenties and it feels like the tower of terror. i love that kind of architecture. it closed down in the seventies, but was open to ghost tours up until last year. now it’s illegal.


we walked through a hole in a fence and walked around the pool into a basement ramp that went under the pool and into the bottom of the hotel. jackie had been here with a guide back when it was legal, so he knew what to do. we headed for the stairs to get to the top, but the door to the lobby floor was blocked by a table. so we went to the service elevator shaft where a boy was killed after outing a prostitution ring inside the hotel. i heard about people getting uneasy feelings from the “ghost” that roamed the hallways, but i never felt wierd. our new plan was to climb the bars in the service elevator to get to the lobby floor and pry open the doors, but we started hearing another group walking around the basement, so we turned off our lights (we bought special lenses for our flashlights, so they couldn’t be seen well through the windows- we took many precautions) we waited for about ten minutes for them to leave. i think they got freaked out and left because they never got to us and we were the only way up. we finally get into the lobby and we make our way up to the baker suite. it’s really cool. it’s full of elaborate wood designes and stone pillars. the owner had a bookshelf that had a trap door into his beer cabinet. it still smelled like alcohol. we walked into a bathroom where his mistress hanged herself; again no uneasy feeling. communists ghost hunters. we went up into the ballroom and bell tower, and to the place where a woman jumped off the balcony. it was a lot of fun.

oh well, i’ll tell you more later, that was a long entry. if you want to you can read this website, it really is cool. it’s got a lot of history. they have pictures too.


cool building though

fun trip

i love jackie



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  1. Hey L
    My mom used to go to that hotel with her family for vacation in 1955-57. She and her cousin used to sneak up to the Ballroom, but could never get in because it was always locked. She tells me she used to spend a considerable amount of time at that pool as well. WEIRD. I’m glad you didn’t fall through the floor and die or anything.
    Hugs, Melissa

  2. Dude that sounds so sweet! Its not in lubbock is it? If so I’m so goign there during AIM. Man, I love doing stuff like that! That is stinky awesome. OK, over the excitment. Dude it just hit me that you have commented mutilpe times on my xanga and yet I have not so much as once commented on yours. I’m so sorry. I’m in your debt for life. Sorry, man. I hope you can forgive my errant crime. Anyways, talk to you later. Looking forward to AIM. Audious -Michael

  3. logan, can i say again how jealous i was that yall got to see jackie, AAAND see the baker hotel?
    im over it:)
    im glad that yall came home safe, and i cant wait for more stories about the trip

  4. I would have made scary ghost sounds to scare the other group of people. That would be funny. Communist Ghost Hunters. That’s great. There is a girl from Georgia who says she found my xanga on your site, and that she knows you through a brother of yours named ‘Landon’. Amy Jo has already disproved this, so either you are hiding a twin brother in the attic, or the Georgian is mistaken. Later.

  5. that is an incredibly scary building. yes, im sorry for the trouble. i was utterly mistaken. sorry for the trouble, Logan. PS- wicked song on here. yes, i did just say ” wicked”

  6. That sounds fun!! Jackie is great, even though I never counted as part of his youth (I was too young when he worked in Levelland) I do remember all kinds of fun stuff we did with him. I haven’t seen them in a long time! Anyhow, the haunted hotel sounds fun, I don’t believe in ghosts either… but coun’t me out of anything illegal.
    Glad you had fun!

  7. Mhmm, I’m full of lots of positivity! Yeah, I’m happy about Winterfest : ) I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.
    Jackie’s pretty cool!
    God bless,

  8. Okay that building just looks creepy! I cant believe that you actually went in there you brave souls. Yes i was speaking of winterfest in gatlinburg. I know your dad usually takes a group of AIMers and i wondering is you were going w/ them this year. It would awesome if you did!

  9. hey i saw u this weekend!! It was good. I am soo glad i have a great friend like u! o and i love my AIM shirt! it rocks! luv ya

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