normally, for what i’m about to do, i would just insert an “edit” into my last post. i’ll change it up.

so tomorrow the rat pack guys save Donovan and Adam are going on a road trip to Mineral Wells for the three day weekend to visit our old youthministerJackie.

should be fun.

go shoot stuff.

maybe some boats

and motorized parasailing.

and really good JackieSteaks™

so i’ll be gone tomorrow through monday. fun stuff.

now i’m going to fill in this space to complete the shape that i started

at the very top subconciously. do you like it? i think it’s neat, but i’m easily amused. peace.




14 thoughts on “

  1. I like the artistic shape of your post. I guess that means I am easily amused as well. Thank you for the peace. Joy! (Why don’t people say “joy”… it is the same deal as “peace” right?)
    -Amber Michele

  2. hey!  have an awesome weekend.  and ill see you wednesday night
    oh and thanks for your help on that video thing

  3. Kyle askes some funny questions. There’s some girl from Georgia who has alot in common with me that claims to know a ‘Landon’. Well, have fun shooting things. Oh yeah, where is ‘Storyville’? That would be helpful. See you later.

  4. Okay, John knows nothing about cars because he’s a dope. Kyle is awesome because he loves cars. Isn’t it a V6 tho? because mustangs rolled off the line with v6’s back in the day, yeah? Unless like you replaced it with a newer one…which I doubt because…why would you need to? *invisions Logan street racing in his ‘stang*

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