well, the ski trip was fun.

they caught a serial rapist 2 miles from our hotel after the roadblock in front of it failed.

i only fell twice during the two days, including the black diamond i did.

i’m not bragging, but i’m pretty much the best skier ever.

called rashawn on her birthday.

started school.

laughed at its stupidity and utter lack of meaning.

my dog chewed out the squeeky part of her squeek-toy. that’s like missing your baby’s first word for me. i was depressed.

oh well. have fun.




5 thoughts on “

  1. YaY!! You called RaShawn on her birthday and she was hoppy!!!!  … Harpie?….
    SO im glad you didn’t like break a leg or anything, cuz that would have been tragic! But I’m also glad you didnt get attacked by the cerel rapist, Who had he attacked? Captian Crunch? The Rabbit? Wait noo….NOT THE LUCKY CHARMS LEPRECHAN!?!?! He’s my favorite! * Crys* 
    Im sure that wasent a laughing matter tho, im glad all was safe. K, bye :cD

  2. HEEEY! glad you had a fun time skiing and yes you are pretty much the best skier ever by the sound of things! Gold star for you! So i am going to winterfest…im not sure if you are but hopefully you will be able to.  O how sad that you missed the chewing out of the squeeky toy:( my dog used to do that. It will be ok i promise. Sorry that school is such a bore but think you only have like what 5 more months or something like that…make the most of it while you can!

  3. Aww! (about your dog) you know they work on that forever, I bet it was hard for you to miss out on that. I have never been snow skiing (only water)… I wonder if I will ever go. Glad you had fun! Just think only like 5? more months of school… then you graduate and then it is summer! Yay right? Then AIM… ^_^ Love and God Bless you!

  4. lol, logan…… you fell alittle more than 2 times, more like 4….
    tho one time was my fault, and that ski lift so came out of no wheres:)
    sad about katie, even sadder that YOU thought of putting panty hose on her poor face:(
    see yas

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