Good News everyone! it’s Crazy Font Day! Go tell your friends. I’m Serious, Tell Them.

going on the ski trip.

it is my opinion that every feminist is a hypocritical lesbian. i’ll talk more about that one a one-on-one basis. you never know who reads this thing. communists.

i’m in the mood for a chocolate babka.

i’m getting excited for aim, obviously and understandably.

so have a fun weekend, everyone.

love ya




17 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Crazy Font man, I have never said anything about your back ground and profile… I must say your pictures rock. Truly, I like the whole back thing and then a Logan head. Awesomeness, anyway have fun on the ski trip! See you around August *^_^*

  2. AHHH You ADDED a face!!! I told you  u had faces everywhere!  OOOkay, so Everyday is crazy font day for me, so thats moot. Ummm Im not going skiing… Im offended by your feministic views tho I am not a lesbian but its possible im communist. You just said you wanted a chocolate witch…are you aware of that? yess….well… AIM is looking cooler and cooler as it approaches, tho I understandably am very nervous as well. I shall indeed have a wonderful weekend because I am turning 18!!!!!!!!
    SOO you mocked me on my post, I was hurt and offended. Xanga Post …Mocker!

  3. Yes, the xanga header is good, but I clearly seen the third face…how could i miss it? it’s like [[[BAM]]] and there’s logan.
    If you forget I will be sad…very sad.  Thankyou for the wishing of happiness. Njoy skiing. Don’t break a leg.

  4. Thanks for posting. You know Logan, I dont know you very well, but I cant help but laugh when I come to your site or hear the crazy stuff you do and say man. I know you hear stuff like this all the time, but I always wish I could be in with the coolness LOL  ( I am pretty jealous of those who get to hang around you regularly ) I cant wait for AIM!
     I am sorry for being all weird, but I look forward to knowing you better… yea, I am done embarassing myself.

  5. Dude…AIM is special, but not like special K special, more like…special special.  I have to confess to someone…I haven’t written a brownbag in like…4 years.  I’m a bad AIMer…*shame* I like your majestic pictures.  it almost as cool as a picture of yourself in a giant boot, but I wouldn’t know anything about those. *cough*

  6. hey!!! i love your site! it makes me happy. really it made me feel better. well hooray for goin skiing!! i just got back from skiing!! a whole lot of fun!! heck yes!! I only fell 3 times! and all of those were on blacks!!! 🙂 well ttyl!

  7. hey! glad to have let u know about crazy font day. i would b getting excited about AIM too if i were u. i want to b in AIM when i graduate high school but that’s three and a half years from now. well, ttyl bye.

  8. hahaha ur music makes me giggle. AIM IS ALMOST HERE! (even though i need to get my paperwork in, ha) IM EXCITEDDDD!!!!
    we need to hang out soon  mister. we keep saying we’re going to, but alas, nothing! so we need to attack that suggestion pronto!

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