i’m dissappointed by what the world has deemed “acceptable.” it gets worse everyday. obviously, the media is the biggest part of that, but it’s also those hippies in san fransisco.

now, i don’t approve of some of the things that have happened in the last couple of days, but i won’t discuss them anymore. but i will say i’m sorry for some of the things said; things could have been worded with less childishlyness (it’s an oxymoronical word, ironically). consequently, i’ve blocked some people.

oh, magical xanga world. i wish i could block people from being able to comment in everyday life.


i’ve gotten to meet some of our future aimers this weekend. i’ll put all their names on here soon so you can pray for them.

i’m really looking forward to getting to them (and you guys) better next year. i’m really close to this year’s class, but i can’t wait to get even closer with our class next year. RaShawn, Amber, (Amber’s mom), i’m really proud of you for the way you handled and advised the situation. Love you guys. and i’m proud of you too, Amy and Keely, for stepping up (better late than never). Love you guys.

love you guys (and girls–gender friendly version)


I’ll be going to Mexico soon. Yay. that sentence was worthy of capitalization.

i love going to mexico and spending time with aimers…so naturally, i’ll have an amazing time down there.

have fun in america. and brazil. (mexico and france if you two are reading this)

you know, it’s amazing how many people actually read this. there are the obvious people who read it and comment, but i’m always meeting people (like amber’s grandpa) and they’ll say “hey, i read your xanga all the time.” i don’t have a problem with that at all, i think it’s cool. chris johnson, a missionary in leon, mexico says he reads it. i thought that was cool. Hi Chris and Milton!

anyway, that was longer than i thought it would be.

have a nice week. i probably won’t update for a while. don’t cry for me argentina.



ok, so this weekend wasn’t that good. the main speaker was ok, but the the classes were worse than last year, i thought that was impossible. it’s like they didn’t even try to fit religion any where in the classes.

one class was an acting group that maybe said “God” once.

the other was a comedian. the only thing that he said that even related to religion was “I’m a Christian offering clean comedy”.

they’re supposed to be classes.

anyway here’s what happens when you finish your timed writing early and you keep writing on extra paper so it looks like you’re working.

i wrote this in English class.

“i hate english and i’m just writing this to make it looke like i’m doing something. Wow, that’s gay. I can’t wait for AIM. I hope I get to go to Albania or Siberia. Leaning toward Siberia though. Oh well, I’m not going to worry about it until November. Wow, this stream of thought thing takes a lot more time on paper than it does on the computer. Wierd. I can only write so fast. I look stupid though because I’m writing really fast now compared to when I was actually writing what I was supposed to . I hate poetry. We worked on a sentence with 9 words for the whole class. People are going to be suspicious if i keep writing this fast. OK, so i’m writing a lot slower now. When I’m writing an English paper, I don’t dot my i’s. I like to go back and dot all the i’s so it looks like I’m revising. My paper ends up sounding like poop, but at least I look busy. I don’t write this much. People are going to be like, “Wow, Logan! 3 pages!” I usually only write one-and-a-half pages so i’ll have more than one. I could easily write a decent one page paper or less, but I add a bunch of poop so it will look like I wrote more. Future-Perfect Sentence. I still have 30 minutes left in class. Why is this such a long timed writing? At least we have a sub. I feel like Elaine when she’s stuck on the subway. I keep talking to myself. But does this count? I don’t think so. Who said that? sorry, stupid “talking-to-yourself-joke.” I felt obligated to do it. Sorry, Logan. It’s okay. Good… I wrote quotes and ellipses. Now it will look like I’m writing a good 4 page paper. 25 Minutes. Wow i wrote a lot in 5 minutes. I’ll slow down and dot my i’s. i should probably stop writing numbers and start spelling them out more because those are more visible if someone decides to glance at my paper. Why am I so paranoid? They know I’m a slacker. I should just turn it in 20 minutes early and take a nap. They’re probably all writing to themselves too. Maybe all along, everyone else was doing it too. I’m gonna go back and cross out words and rewrite them so it looks like i’m revising. Okay, people are starting to talk amongst themselves, i think i’m done pretending. goodbye, man”

well that was long, but it’s just an insight into my mind.

have a nice week



everyone join my blogring at the bottom


this weekend was fun.

jackie, ryan, dusty, and i broke into the (haunted) baker hotel that’s had many ghost sightings. pretty wierd stuff, i don’t believe in ghosts.


it was built in the twenties and it feels like the tower of terror. i love that kind of architecture. it closed down in the seventies, but was open to ghost tours up until last year. now it’s illegal.


we walked through a hole in a fence and walked around the pool into a basement ramp that went under the pool and into the bottom of the hotel. jackie had been here with a guide back when it was legal, so he knew what to do. we headed for the stairs to get to the top, but the door to the lobby floor was blocked by a table. so we went to the service elevator shaft where a boy was killed after outing a prostitution ring inside the hotel. i heard about people getting uneasy feelings from the “ghost” that roamed the hallways, but i never felt wierd. our new plan was to climb the bars in the service elevator to get to the lobby floor and pry open the doors, but we started hearing another group walking around the basement, so we turned off our lights (we bought special lenses for our flashlights, so they couldn’t be seen well through the windows- we took many precautions) we waited for about ten minutes for them to leave. i think they got freaked out and left because they never got to us and we were the only way up. we finally get into the lobby and we make our way up to the baker suite. it’s really cool. it’s full of elaborate wood designes and stone pillars. the owner had a bookshelf that had a trap door into his beer cabinet. it still smelled like alcohol. we walked into a bathroom where his mistress hanged herself; again no uneasy feeling. communists ghost hunters. we went up into the ballroom and bell tower, and to the place where a woman jumped off the balcony. it was a lot of fun.

oh well, i’ll tell you more later, that was a long entry. if you want to you can read this website, it really is cool. it’s got a lot of history. they have pictures too.

cool building though

fun trip

i love jackie


normally, for what i’m about to do, i would just insert an “edit” into my last post. i’ll change it up.

so tomorrow the rat pack guys save Donovan and Adam are going on a road trip to Mineral Wells for the three day weekend to visit our old youthministerJackie.

should be fun.

go shoot stuff.

maybe some boats

and motorized parasailing.

and really good JackieSteaks™

so i’ll be gone tomorrow through monday. fun stuff.

now i’m going to fill in this space to complete the shape that i started

at the very top subconciously. do you like it? i think it’s neat, but i’m easily amused. peace.



well, the ski trip was fun.

they caught a serial rapist 2 miles from our hotel after the roadblock in front of it failed.

i only fell twice during the two days, including the black diamond i did.

i’m not bragging, but i’m pretty much the best skier ever.

called rashawn on her birthday.

started school.

laughed at its stupidity and utter lack of meaning.

my dog chewed out the squeeky part of her squeek-toy. that’s like missing your baby’s first word for me. i was depressed.

oh well. have fun.



Good News everyone! it’s Crazy Font Day! Go tell your friends. I’m Serious, Tell Them.

going on the ski trip.

it is my opinion that every feminist is a hypocritical lesbian. i’ll talk more about that one a one-on-one basis. you never know who reads this thing. communists.

i’m in the mood for a chocolate babka.

i’m getting excited for aim, obviously and understandably.

so have a fun weekend, everyone.

love ya