it is now 2006 and i have my first funny story of the year.

on my way back from my friend’s house i was pulling up to 50th and indiana and i saw this guy who was stumbling around. he had ripped pants and i could see his boxers and all down the back of his legs. he was obviously drunk. he came to the intersection and looked like he wanted to cross the street. when i tried to turn right, he tried to cross the street (he would have been jaywalking) so i stopped to let him pass, but he went back to the curb. ok. so i check for cars again and start to go, but he moves again, but i could stop this time. i got really close to him around my back tire and i scared him and he fell over. (i didn’t hit him) when i looked behind me, he stood up and was wandering around in the intersection; holding up traffic and confusing everyone.

the end.


well, i’m home. it’s nice seeing attractive people again.

i was the only person in montana without a beard, women included.

bunch of creepy liberal tree huggers.

it was nice being one of the most attractive people in a whole state; not used to that.

so how was everyone’s week?

good to hear.


umm… don’t see chronicles of narnia more than once. the bad acting becomes more prominent the second time.

i’m getting excited about our ski trip this week. i’m going to have to make tim let us eat at Storyville. that place has the best wood-fired pizzas i’ve ever had.

go aim!

umm… if you’ve followed this whole fragmented mess, congratulations.


you get a cookie.





22 thoughts on “

  1. hmm…I consider myself a tree hugger….is that bad?
    I don’t have a beard though.
    And I am pretty attractive.
    Or so I am told.
    Not really…it just made me feel better to say that.
    My feet are attractive, however…and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of them when I get home.
    I saw Chronicles of Narnia twice…I liked it both times.
    I will be expecting my cookie when I get home.
    Chocolate chip would be nice.

  2. ski time is now!!!
    or it should be.
    is that place the same pizza place we ate at last time? cause, yes, that will be a must
    love ya, glad your among the beautiful again

  3. lol, you know that drunken bums arent as many points as regular bums, so YOU get a cookie for not messing up your impecable bum record

  4. Nice story. I might have a better one, though. You’ll have to read it on my xanga. Your’s is pretty good, though. Being attractive is good. Beards are annoying. I hugged RaShawn goodbye (she’s been in Tulsa the past week) today and scraped her face with my…scruff. Well, I think I might just subscribe to you, if that’s cool. Later.

  5. I made my own cookies, if you ask nice I can make some for you sometime too… but you will have to remember to ask. I have bumped into lots of drunk bums… not with a car but… does that count for something? Tell us how the ski trip goes! Thank you for your comment on my xanga, yes falling asleep during church isn’t good, I managed to stay awake. It is hard to follow when you don’t understand everything and sleep is just oh so tempting. Our first Wednesday here… actually it was our very first day here in Brazil we went to church, dirty, tired, and slightly agitated (over half a day in transit and all the stress of all our baggage…) My dad fell over during the prayer, he caught himself before he actually fell to the ground… but that is how tired we were. Fun, I vaguely remember that day. This is a long comment… ^_^ hope you are having a wonderful new year!!

  6. All I have to say is that you must have had your eyes shut. While I realize there ae many lumberjack people in Montana and many tree huggers, there are also many very attractive women . But you were here when college was out and probably didn’t spend any time at the high school. I don’t know what it is but there is an oddly high perentage of attractive girls here you just didn’t get to see them. Oh well the ones that look good are usually pretty skanky anyway so it’s better that you didn’t see them. Ok there’s my disertation on the lack of attractive people in Montana see ya when I get backLonn

  7. hmm while i’m not opposed to marrying you it wasn’t in my immediate plans! 🙂 believe me if I ever decide that it is my life’s goal, you will be the first to know! lol!
    love, Sara

  8. LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re the most attractive boy in Lubbock eh? yah, I probably agree, thats cool. Yeah, so I re-did my xanga, some people were kinda freaked out by it. So any hoooooooooo

  9. hehe gee, Montana sounds like a place I’d really like to visit…
    actually, I have a couple of friends from there, both of whom are quite attractive in my opinion
    I saw Narnia twice and I still liked it, but you are right about the acting.
    I need a cookie

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